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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not one, but two *gasp*

Last week, we went to the SOGO sale. And I brought Sara along. What a big mistake! There are people EVERYWHERE. I left Sara with hubby and dive straight to the concourse area. And I came out with a couple of handbags, 10 minutes later.

I asked hubby which one should I but, he said he's willing to buy both for me. These are just ordinary handbags (I don't buy designer handbags), so I bought both of the handbags. Instead of feeling elated with my purchase, I have this nagging feeling of guilt, do I really need two type of the same item? But, I have my own justification.

Handbag no. 1 costs about RM120 and is quite small, suitable for office use. Handbag no. 2 is a tote bag, costs about RM 130 and is large enough to store all Sara's things when we go out. And my current handbag looks like this:

See, I'm totally justified. :)


.phat apple dee. said...

pompuan ni always have good justification when it comes to buying stuff. i think we all master that art very well... hehehe

mrsDudE said...

am looking for a new handbag too.. preferably a tote (sumbat semua dalam satu beg, senang kan?) haih.. tapi tak jumpa yang berkenan (or yang berkenan waaay over my budget)..

Hanz said...

Am still contemplating whether shud get a new handbag or not... :)

pHatMuMMy said...

kat - dh ada justification pun masih rasa bersalah...apakah...

mrsdude and hanz - carikla kat sogo, konfem jumpa yg berkenan and within the budget.

tapi...selamat meredah lautan orang ramai :)

Piza said...

Yantie, adik aku nampak korang kat SOGO. Kat food court.Adik aku siap cakap "muka kawan kaklong tu cam stress jek" hehe pasal ramai orang la kan!!Hey mane gambar beg baru? Nak tengok!

Justification is a must when buying things - esp bag! I wrote a long winded one heh in my blog

Selamat hari Raya!

P/S: Bakul birumu ada dalam keta aku lagi ni

didi said...

the title is unintentionally misleading

i thought u were gonna announce ur carrying twins

pHatMuMMy said...

piza - yeah, just read yours in ur blog...haha, great minds do think alike kan...(both of us writing abt handbags)--err, boleh kira great minds ke :p and babe, my mom keep asking for the bakul biru. i'm working tomorrow, call me if you do too..ok. if not, lepas raya je lah

didi - oh, how I wish its true...bestnya kalau dpt kembar..

HaniCheLat said...

bagus. ini saya kira sebagai pembelian berhemah! :-)

your RVC looks so yummeh!!

noriz said...

both ur handbags 100 over...kira mahal gak tu :)

pHatMuMMy said...

hani - hihi, kira sgt berhemah tau, sebab lepas beli handbag tu, rasa sgt bersalah sampai tak jadik beli baju raya...haha

noriz - sebab tu la sampai skng ni dok rasa guilty je...mcm mahal jugak kan? takpe, takpe...tahun ni tak beli baju raya pun :)

noriz said...

oic...xde baju raya?!? confius jap...baik nye u. so it's okla...ganti handbag dgn baju ek..heheh..i xde bag sbb dpt 5 baju ...kira intergrate la :)

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