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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random updates

Since I am now unable to actually compose a decent post about Sara developments, I'll just jot down whatever I remembered. This is not in sequence and may happen around last two months and this month (yeah, sue me...I am a bad and a very forgetful mummy)

1. She's so imaginative and likes to create dialogues; for example : "Mummy, cat ot-shide (outside). Cat call Yaya, yaya..nak food. Cat hung-ghee (hungry). Pity cat. Mummy come. Ya nak gif food. Mummy take" or when she hears another toddler crying, she'd say "Mummy, kakak kai (cry). Pity kakak. Kakak nak food." It seems funny that she associates crying with not enough food. Hehe, I see similarities with me there. But, hey, I fed her enough, ok. She's already 15kgs at the age of two ;p

2. Right now, she's in the phase whereby whe wants to sleep in Nenek's room. Every night. I don't really have a problem with that, its just that I pity my mom. She'd go screaming in the middle of the night "Yaya nak cip in Nenek's yuum" and cry like there's no tomorrow. Once, I let her cry her heart out, she woke up with a puffy eyes. I felt so guilty after that and succumbed to her demands to cip (sleep) in Nenek's yuum (room).

3. She's also is at the stage where she copies everything that we do. And if we didn't notice that she is imitating what we do, she'd say "Mummy, Yaya copycat mummy". Note to self : No more saying bad words in front of her ;p

4. I went for a short course last month and when I came back, she was waiting to pick me up. The first thing that she asked me to do was "Mummy, help Yaya. Big nose chit. Babah non know (Babah don't know)" Hehe, can you guess? After 1 week of separation, the thing she misses most is me picking her nose. ;p Anyway, I happily obliged, as always.

5. Oh, she now knows all our names. And if she calls us several times but we didn't answer, she'll start calling our names; for example when she called her babah to come eat and her babah didn't reply, she'll scream "EDIE, COME EAT". Once in Ikea, she called for hubby but he didn't answer, so when she caught a glimpse of him, she screams "EDIE! WAIT FOR YAYA!" :)

6. Its getting harder to feed her nowadays. You know why? Because she'll demand to go to the "shop" and buy "fish, chicken or ta-to (potato) and ne-yert (carrot)" and she also insisted on "cook-cook-cook" all the groceries she bought. My mum will have to follow her to her imaginary shop (which could be anywhere in the house, sometimes its behind the sofa, sometimes near the door), all the while carrying her bag with actual money inside. Then, she'll want to cut-cut-cut her fish/chicken/tato/neyert and cook-cook-cook them. And, yes, she tripled the words to show that she means business.

7. She has a new teddy bear. She started calling it "tay-bee bear" but I quickly name it Molly. (Its not a very cool name, but that was the first name that popped to my head *defensive* ;p). We're thinking that Mama may have to go play somewhere else because Sara's got a new friend.

8. She sings. She can actually sing. I went outstation for two weeks, and when I got back, Nenk prompted her, "Sara, sing to mummy." I'd expected the usual "" but I had the shock of my life when she perfectly sings "Ibu...ibu...engkaulah ratu hatiku". I almost teared (but had to control, wouldn't want to appear so soppy in front of my mom. Heh) I have a video of it (her singing) but for some reason, it can't be uploaded here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just to get me back in the mood...

After almost two months (gasp!) of not updating, I really need a good kick on the b*tt to get me back to blogging.

So, I present to you, my maiden attempt at making character cupcake. Haha, really bad and sloppy buttercream work, I know, but least the customer recognizes the character.

From top row, it should be Mario, Spongebob, (the birthday boy's name), Mickey Mouse and Ben10.
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