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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Raya 2010

Just to serve as a reminder for the years to come, below are Raya 2010 pictures. This year was a bit low key, but it was certainly different from last year because Sara got a little older and she can eat variety of food as opposed to porridge only (last year), so she became the kuih raya monster. The kid can gobble 8 almond london biscuits in one go. I had to change her baju kurung from size 2 years to size 4 years because her tummy was too big for the 2Y size.

On another note, the other day I went home and was greeted by the little kid at the door. She excitedly exclaimed "Mummy, mummy, big nose cit" all the while digging her nose for more nose shit? I asked her "Eeee, who teach you to do that?" and she answered proudly "CikSu".

Hmm, if I didn't know any better, I would have thought that I have two brothers instead of two sisters ;p

The two aunties who taught Sara every GOOD and NAUGHTY things.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gaya Si Comel Berbaju Raya

1 year 9 months
I always wanted to join baby-related contest but due to no decent picture of the little kid, I've always given them a pass. However, since this year I got this cheeky cute picture of Sara, I decided to try my luck. And besides, the sponsors for this contest sounded too good to be true (eoeonline, mahanim, babyruffkins, gin&jacqie, izzybakery, myavenue888, secretBargains, sofeababywear, Tote Boutique, Tupperwareville, Victoria'sSecretHeaven, Weego Bottle and MySuperkids). Just browsing through the sponsors blog makes me jump at this opportunity :)

This contest was organized by BabyIbu and Azzamoro and there are two categories (I'm sure the organizer will be sooooo rambang mata to choose the winner). This contest will end on 31st October 2010, so there's still a lot of time for everybody to join :)

So, to all my fellow friends; jom sama-sama masuk contest. Nanti anak dah besar, takde can nak masuk contest cenggini :p

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cuppies for engagement (Purple and Gold)

I made these for my boss's sister's engagement :) I had to scratch my head when she said her theme was gold and purple, as I was dumbstruck on how to combine those two colours. I made 60 individual cuppies for her to gave out to guests and one box for hantaran.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Red Velvet Cake

I know I've been posting about red velvet cake for 3-4 times, but without any actual picture of the insides of the cake. So here it is, the insides of the red velvet cake :)

I bake this to give to my favourite blogger; Iza@thepinkstilettos. When I read at her blog on how she loooovvveeeessss RVC, I decided to brace myself and emailed her whether she wanted to sample mine. It took me a lot of guts, I mean what if she hated it?? What if she said it tasted awful?? I bake this with all my heart, hoping she'll like it...

And, she did!! Thepinkstilettos actually said my cake is delicious! Ngeee....actually I was so starstruck upon meeting her (what with her being such a famous blogger and all). She looked so radiant, tak macam orang dalam pantang.

So, yeay for my RVC. To all that wish to order, I am so sorry but I could not provide delivery. Meet-up is available in Putrajaya during weekdays or can self pick-up at my house in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi (near KLIA Sepang area).

The Day I Wrestle With A......Supermarket Trolley

Last Wednesday I went to Alamanda to get some groceries. It was sixth day of Raya and boy oh boy, Alamanda was packed with people. I stopped by Chicken Rice Shop to order some takeaway and proceed to Carrefour. With 20 cents in my hand, I went to the array of trolley.

I picked one that looked most sturdy. Turns out, one of its wheel was broken. Sigh. So, I change to another trolley. The wheels looks good, and so I happily resume my grocery shopping. After I put almost all my groceries in the trolley, I realize that one of its wheel have given out. Like a dislocated kneecap, my trolley is now rendered useless.

I was getting frustrated. I had to exert extra force on my left hand and guide the trolley with my right hand. Not an easy task, I tell you. And to add salt to the wound, there was no lemon in Carrefour, so poor me have to walk all the way to Cold Storage to get them lemon. I'm sure people are glaring at me for wrestling with the trolley all the way. I even stopped to have a heart-to-heart talk with the uncooperative trolley at one point.

After all the drama with the uncooperative trolley, I was exhausted and utterly disappointed. My high spirit was gone, I even cursed at the slow driver in front of me. I was snappish the whole day, even Sara didn't want to play with me. Two days after that, my period came. Oh, hello hormones! Hah, now I can blame my moodiness on them :p

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raya Cuppies

These were ordered in Ramadhan. Here's to hoping for more orders in Syawal. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sara says : Selamat Hari Raya!!

Hi everyone!!

Peek-a-boo!! Selamat Hari Raya!!

Mummy says to say sorry for any wrongdoings. But I haven't done anything wrong, did I? Apart from ci-ci on the floor, throwing my food when I've had enough, not wanting to be held by people I just met, whining and crying...

Err...looks like I do need to apologize then. Okay, fine, sorry everyone...My Raya was a blast, I hope your Raya was fun too...mmuuaahhhsss!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sara : Random update

1. I was making cupcakes the other night and she insisted on helping. I told her that Mummy is making cake and she replied "Cupcake?" with perfect pronunciation.

2. Sara was wearing a pink t-shirt and I was wearing a red t-shirt. So, I asked her "What colour is your shirt?" "Bwu..." she says. I insisted "No, look first. Look at your shirt. What colour is it?" She looked down and said "Pink" with a very cheeky smile. I thought it was coincidence so I pointed to my shirt and asked her what colour is it. She said "Red". I pointed to something green, I forgot what it was and she said correctly "Gweeeen". Maybe its normal for a 20-months old kid to say that, but as a biased mummy, I think she's a genius! :)

3. Overheard in the kitchen "No sara, you cannot eat this. This is spicy food" and then I hear a verrryyy cute little voice saying "Nighty put". Spicy food = Nighty put. Geddit? Haha.

4. She cried in the middle of the night due to her runny nose, so I carried her and try to calm her down. She stopped crying and I called hubby to take her from me because I really needed to go to the toilet. I said "Baba, take her for a while please. I need to go to the toilet" Suddenly, she wailed on top of her lungs "Nanak ci-ci. Yaya nanak ci-ci. Cold" I had to
gently explain to her that I am not bringing her to the toilet, I am going to the toilet. "No, not you. Mummy want to go ci-ci" It took a while to calm her down. Heh.

5. Hubby bought Sara a Barney CD and since then, she's addicted to it. There's this one scene involving an owl. So, when the scene is nearing, she will quickly find somebody for example "CikSu, come. Bird. Big eyes. Scared Yaya" complete with covering her eyes.

6. Everytime we go in the car, she'll definitely demand "Mummy, nak na-wo" and minutes after that "Mummy, nak nunu" Na-wo is her strawberry pillow and nunu is her pacifier.

7. She adds the syllable na to EVERY word. For example slipper become na-per, biscuits becomes na-ket, elephant doll becomes na-phant, Tok Bah becomes Na-bah, alamak becomes na-mak.

8. Oh, nowadays she's really lazy to go to the bathroom, she asked to wear diapers "Mummy, nanak ci-ci. Cold. Na-pers. Yaya wear. Nak na-pers" Na-pers = Diapers. She always uses the "cold" excuse to avoid going to the toilet.

9. HUbby's parents in Kuantan have three tank of aquarium full with very fierce and angry fish. They would jump and bang their head every time people come near them. I don't go near them because I am concerned for their well-being (okay, fine, I don't go near them because I'm scared they'll jump out and eat me). But, Sara loves to watch the fishes, so she'd always watch them with hubby or her Tok Bah. The moment I love most is when the fish starts to jump, she'll run over to me and said "Mummy, mummy...big fish. Jump. Scared Yaya. Mummy come. Big fish". Heee...

10. My mother has been teaching her good manners such as requesting for things nicely instead of whining and crying. So, the other day while she was eating her rice, after a couple of bites, she said "Nenek, nanak wice. Yaya nanak. Nak na-ket plis. Na-ket nak. Plis. Plis" It was sooo sweet. When she uses that voice with the term "plis, plis" she can get away with anything, I tell you!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ramadhan 2010

I just realize that I haven't made an entry about Ramadhan this year. Part of it is because my work kept me sooo busy, I didn't even realize Ramadhan is nearing to the end.

This Ramadhan, I embark on another project "Chocolate Chip Cookies Project". Actually, chocolate chip and I, we go way back. My chocolate chip cookies is what saved me from near bankruptcy back in the days when I was jobless. I still remembered, my dad gave me about RM1k to buy an oven and the necessary things to begin my project. This was in Ramadhan year 2006, I had already quit my old job without actually getting a new job. That year alone, I managed to sell about 200+ jars of cookies and I got to "beraya" despite the lack of financial incomes. I even have my own special sticker :

This year, I decided to re-start the project again. But, this time around, I have to be realistic. I could not bake all-out like I did past four years, what with my job and the little angel at home. So, I took about 75++ orders and last weekend was the last batch I had to make. Whew!! I'm so glad I managed to finish all the orders.

To top that off, I have been getting a few cupcakes orders, but all the decoration was done by my youngest sister, who is currently jobless. Hey, we got that in common, I was jobless in Ramadhan too. I have also another three pending cupcake set and two red velvet cake to be delivered tomorrow. Gasp! And right now, I'm still in the office, working, blogging, helping hubby with his thesis.

Yeah, life is busy. But its still good. And I'm blessed. With a very supportive and loving family.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not one, but two *gasp*

Last week, we went to the SOGO sale. And I brought Sara along. What a big mistake! There are people EVERYWHERE. I left Sara with hubby and dive straight to the concourse area. And I came out with a couple of handbags, 10 minutes later.

I asked hubby which one should I but, he said he's willing to buy both for me. These are just ordinary handbags (I don't buy designer handbags), so I bought both of the handbags. Instead of feeling elated with my purchase, I have this nagging feeling of guilt, do I really need two type of the same item? But, I have my own justification.

Handbag no. 1 costs about RM120 and is quite small, suitable for office use. Handbag no. 2 is a tote bag, costs about RM 130 and is large enough to store all Sara's things when we go out. And my current handbag looks like this:

See, I'm totally justified. :)

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