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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My favourite kind of leader

My favourite kind of leader is those who admit,
rather than those who accuse.

Those who welcome and listens,

rather than those who decline and shut their ears.

Those who moves forward,

rather than those who are stagnant
and glued to their seats.

Those who are objectively rational,

rather than those who are subjectively emotional.

Those who teaches,
rather than those who refuse to learn.

And most importantly, those who respects
and offer respect in return,

rather those who are contemptuous and insulting,
and hiding behind a mediocre job,

saying that he has done more than most.

P/S : What happens when the nails actually deserved a knock on the head and the hammer is actually right?

P/P/S : I worked for a different hammer last week and that hammer is THE BEST! Taught me a lot and it has been an honor working under him.

Note to self : Nails do not disrespect the hammer, and nails can not be emotional. I sincerely believed that, as should you.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Mother-daughter drama episode 3 : The sulking baby

I usually come back from work just in time to take Sara for a simple walk around our housing area. According to Nenek, she'll usually wait for us (me, Atuk, Ciksu or Cikngah) in front of the door and will light up whenever we come back.

She'll then wear her slipper, come to us and say "Mummy, walk walk walk. Come!". However, yesterday, all of us came back late. Sara has been waiting since 6.00pm. She sat in front of the door, waiting patiently. My mum told me that each time a car passed by, she'd ask "Mummy?" and poor Nenek had to say "No, not yet. mummy hasn't come back yet".

When I came back (around 7.30pm), she was lying down on the spread in the living room with her Babah. I gently nudged her "Hi Sara. Sorry for coming back so late". I tried to kiss her, she pushed me away. She kept saying "Nanak, nanak mummy. Baba..." *Nanak = No Now, when she prefers hubby than me, it means that she really is angry and hurt.

My mom told me that she's been waiting for me and now she's sulking. My heart broke into a million pieces. She continued lying down, never really looked at my face. I told her stories, I asked her about the rabbit next door, still she refused to answer.

I asked her whether she wants to eat rice, she nod (without looking at me). When I offered to carry her to the kitchen, she cried "NANAK! BABA, YI (baba, carry)" I almost smiled. God, she sulks just like me. (It is quite funny in retrospect).

She held on to her Baba and didn't even want to sit on my lap (usually she'll sit on my lap while I feed her rice). I feed her rice and continue talking to her until she caves. We traded stories, she told me about her day, how she play cook-cook with bibik, how there was two dogs chasing her, how the rabbit next door eat and drink, how she ate three kakek (chocolate) and I know her sulking is almost over.

Halfway through the eating session, she looked up to me, pat my hips and say "Mummy, down" meaning she wants to sit down on my lap. Hubby groaned and laughed. And with that, I know her sulking is officially over.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Confessions of a non-shopaholic

You see, I grew up in a middle-class family. And by middle-class, I mean that we often do not have the luxury of extravagant purchases. And I guess, being frugal back then has really stuck to me until now. I used to shop (not a lot) back in my uni years, but not anymore.

Shopping requires money, which is something I do not have to spare during my early years of working. The previous company I worked for is cakap-nak-bayar-gaji-2.5k-tapi-bayar-1k je-pastu-bila-nak-benti-offer-gaji-3k-tapi tak-bagi-pun. I'll admit, it's my fault. I was naively fooled by their empty promises.

But that experience really taught me to save money. For example, I have only four handbag since year 2003 (one from Padini, then my hubby bought me a Sembonia handbag, then my sister bought me a Guess handbag, and now I'm wearing an Esprit handbag - also present from hubby which I have worn since Sara was born). My first handphone was the big-ass 3310 in 2004, later I traded that for Nokia 6600 and then hubby gave me a Sony Ericsson W660i which I am still using until now.

My wardrobe collection is nothing to be proud of and my toiletries and makeup collection are even worst. I used to put makeup on when I go out during my uni years, but now, I hardly put on powder on my face.
I only put on makeup when going to wedding or special event. I promised myself that I'm going to at least put on make up before going to work but that only lasted for 1+ year. I used pregnancy as an excuse after that.

This week, I'm going to buy an eyeliner. And moisturizer. And new lippie (I think the ones that I have is past its expiry date already). And some eyeshadow. Its about time my eyes got reacquainted with colours again.

With this entry, I am making a promise, I am going to live up to my blog name. Phat, not fat. Being phat.

I can see some people rolling their eyes and said "We'll see how long that will last". To those people, I say...pffftttt. ;p

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Auf wiedersehen my dear, dear Germany :(

So it turns out that the octopus is right. D*mn. I didn't expect to feel this way, I mean, I am rooting for Germany to win, but I didn't expect to have such invested feeling over a football match.I am actually very sad and frustrated that Germany lost. The feeling is mutual to the way I felt when a guy I like doesn't like me back and stood me up on a date.

Hmph...One day you're in, another day you're out. Auf wiedersehen my dear team.

Oh, send my regards to Ballack. We'll see each other again in four years time.

And come that time, I will be prepared. If you're going to ditch me halfway through, I'll make sure I have another man team to date support.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

A different kind of signage

I've seen witty and funny pictures of signage before, mostly originated from other countries *coughjapancough* So, it caught me by surprise to see this signage back in Kuantan.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy birthday cuppies

These cuppies were ordered by my office colleague to celebrate her dad and sister's birthday. She requested pastel colours and I hope she liked it.

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