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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My favourite kind of leader

My favourite kind of leader is those who admit,
rather than those who accuse.

Those who welcome and listens,

rather than those who decline and shut their ears.

Those who moves forward,

rather than those who are stagnant
and glued to their seats.

Those who are objectively rational,

rather than those who are subjectively emotional.

Those who teaches,
rather than those who refuse to learn.

And most importantly, those who respects
and offer respect in return,

rather those who are contemptuous and insulting,
and hiding behind a mediocre job,

saying that he has done more than most.

P/S : What happens when the nails actually deserved a knock on the head and the hammer is actually right?

P/P/S : I worked for a different hammer last week and that hammer is THE BEST! Taught me a lot and it has been an honor working under him.

Note to self : Nails do not disrespect the hammer, and nails can not be emotional. I sincerely believed that, as should you.

Pic credit to here


MaMa IdRaKi said...

Nicely said!

zila said...

hahahahaha... yantie masih tak dapat terima kenyataan bahawa dia masih bersama 'tukul' yg sama :P

pHatMuMMy said...

Haha, naseb baik semua "paku-paku" kat sini best...

mrs_royzam said...

well said...
tapi kata2 ni bukan tuju kat bos aje kan....utk hubby2 pun bagus jugak

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