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Friday, July 16, 2010

Mother-daughter drama episode 3 : The sulking baby

I usually come back from work just in time to take Sara for a simple walk around our housing area. According to Nenek, she'll usually wait for us (me, Atuk, Ciksu or Cikngah) in front of the door and will light up whenever we come back.

She'll then wear her slipper, come to us and say "Mummy, walk walk walk. Come!". However, yesterday, all of us came back late. Sara has been waiting since 6.00pm. She sat in front of the door, waiting patiently. My mum told me that each time a car passed by, she'd ask "Mummy?" and poor Nenek had to say "No, not yet. mummy hasn't come back yet".

When I came back (around 7.30pm), she was lying down on the spread in the living room with her Babah. I gently nudged her "Hi Sara. Sorry for coming back so late". I tried to kiss her, she pushed me away. She kept saying "Nanak, nanak mummy. Baba..." *Nanak = No Now, when she prefers hubby than me, it means that she really is angry and hurt.

My mom told me that she's been waiting for me and now she's sulking. My heart broke into a million pieces. She continued lying down, never really looked at my face. I told her stories, I asked her about the rabbit next door, still she refused to answer.

I asked her whether she wants to eat rice, she nod (without looking at me). When I offered to carry her to the kitchen, she cried "NANAK! BABA, YI (baba, carry)" I almost smiled. God, she sulks just like me. (It is quite funny in retrospect).

She held on to her Baba and didn't even want to sit on my lap (usually she'll sit on my lap while I feed her rice). I feed her rice and continue talking to her until she caves. We traded stories, she told me about her day, how she play cook-cook with bibik, how there was two dogs chasing her, how the rabbit next door eat and drink, how she ate three kakek (chocolate) and I know her sulking is almost over.

Halfway through the eating session, she looked up to me, pat my hips and say "Mummy, down" meaning she wants to sit down on my lap. Hubby groaned and laughed. And with that, I know her sulking is officially over.


.Dd LaLa. said...

idris now is so easy to merajuk. even when i say NO to a little thing he starts crying and lie on the floor the roll his body. anywhere! my MIL said budak nak dapat adik is like that... and me... sungguh terharu dan tension!

Cik CT said...

my Aqeel tak boleh merajuk...that's bcoz, when mama arrives home, and pick him from his nanny, the first thing he wants is breastfeed...hehe...

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