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Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy's shattered resolution :(

When I first started this blog, I promised to myself that I will record all my little angel's progress including even mundane things like when she first look me in the eye, or when she first successfully put her hand in her mouth. But I didn't even blog when she first roll to her side, let alone when she first successfully roll on her stomach. Yes people, my precious little angel is all grown up....she can roll on her stomach in record time....she knows how to wiggle her hand from under her belly and can prop her head for quite some time without support. Guess its time for the compulsory pose of our family...eheheheh....

Mommy is so very busy with work lately....This is what happen when you have a kiss-a$$ supervisor :( trying his damnest to impress his supervisor...bluekkkk!!

Anyway, back to more happy story, Mommy will leave her busy work for one whole week to be with her angel (Sara's babysitter applied for leave, so I have to take leave from work as well...yeay!) I'm planning to give Sara her first ever solid food during this weekend. Hope that goes well... :)

P/S - a mental note for myself...-must update blog and put lotsa picture of Sara...MUST!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sara eats... :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Online Shop

Hi everyone, sorry for not updating regularly..but I have a very good reason...I've opened an online shop...I'm selling branded and affordable babies and kids apparel. So, feel free to visit...(mention this blog and I'll give u special discount) tunggu apa lagi, jomla shopping baju branded (GUESS, OSHKOSH, GYMBOREE, GAP) for your little angel.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mommy's Day from my little sailor

Happy Mommy's Day

Sara wishes her Mommy and all Mommies in the world happy mommy's day. Sara even wrote a card and gave Mommy a lovely present, a self-stirring mug for her sangat-malas-nak-basuh-sudu-kat-ofis mommy...yeay!! We went to OU to celebrate and Sara wore her new little angel becomes my little sailor...tee hee hee...

Mommy have been very busy office is under massive re-org, plus some very annoying people that makes my simple job becomes harder (apa kejadahnya sampai cek aset pun susah sgt..bluekkkk!) anyways, mommy is happy that her little angel is growing up all happy and healthy...Sara loves playing with me in the car and moments like that (just the two of us) is the ones that I treasure most...her cute cheeky face looking up to me...rasa macam nak benti keja n duduk jaga sara kat umah jek...huhu...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sara's update...

Hi's been a while since my last update...Mommy's very busy lately...and while Mommy is busy, her little angel is also busy growing up...hihi...Sara now knows how to pout...she often pouts (and I think she'll ponder in her head whether she wants to cry or not...if she decides to cry, she'll wail and scream oh-so-loud, if she decides not to cry, she will be very quiet and will stare at my face in mute misery...) that face always melts my heart...and makes Mommy go all gooey inside...hehe...Sara also is starting to roll to her sides but she always manage to roll only her upper body...hehe, montot berat tak boleh nak pusing :) her hair also is getting longer and sooooo thick, she even surpass Mommy and Baba's hair...

The first night we brought Sara home, she cried for almost one hour...both me and hubby were starting to panic because she never cried for that long and she's beginning to develop a fever. Her tears were flowing endlessly and she starts to weep. She wouldn't stop weeping no matter what we did. She wails, cries and weep for almost one hour until she exhaust herself to sleep. At first, I remain cool but I couldn't stand to watch her precious tears and the sound of her weeping. It's no longer the cute cry I love to listen, it sounded like she was sad and mad because we left her in Kuantan for three whole weeks. And then, Mommy starts to cry as well, so that left Baba to maintain a cool facade. Heh. (lesson : never ever leave your baby that long...huhu)

Anyway, now Sara is back and she's still adjusting back to her old routine. She cried the first time I put her in her car seat, she cried the first time Atuk and Baba "talks" to her. But, the cries are getting lesser now...Mommy wants her baby to be happy and smiles her cheeky smile always...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sara is back!!!!

After three loooonnnnggggg week at Kuantan, Sara is finally back. Mommy and Baba are sooooo happy...She has grown up so much...her cheeks are so chubby...she now loves to giggle and can drink milk from her bottle without spilling...hihi...she's almost 4 months now, so a lot of her clothes are not suitable anymore...i'll update more later...for now, i just want to watch my little angel sleeps...

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