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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Step-by-step instruction of traditional bengkung style

This entry is dedicated to mommies waiting to deliver. A traditional bengkung consist of a loooonnnnggggg cloth (approx 7 metres long and 6-7 inch wide). I got mine from the Mustika Ratu set I bought for my confinement and my mom made me the other one. (Illustration on pics below is using the one that my mom sew)

There are lots of modern bengkung style nowadays. I've tried my hands on a few and all I have to say is, BACK TO BASICS. No modern bengkung can offer the flexibility and the tight comfort as traditional bengkung. Sure, it can be daunting to wear, but once you get the hang of it, you should be able to do it with your eyes closed. :)

Note : I use a square cloth tied loosely to protect my bengkung from all the ointment and jamu I put on my tummy.

Firstly, take a deep breath and suck all your tummy in. While holding your breath, tie the beginning knot at the base of your uterus (if you start to wear your bengkung as early as the next day after your birth, you can actually feel the "batu meriyan" (I seriously have no idea what this is, but that's what my mom call it. I think it's the cervix?) and keep it mind, you MUST tie the first knot under this thing to help your uterus return to its normal position (menaikkan rahim yang dah jatuh). This first knot is important to hold everything in place.
Next, hold the short end straight upright (seek help from somebody OR if you are alone, try biting the end of the cloth to make sure it stays upright).

pardon the messy bed ;p

Take the long end, cross it with the short end and pull both ends simultaneously while still holding the short end upright. Then, double back on the other side and repeat the process until you reach the end of the long cloth.
Note : My bengkung only reaches half my tummy during the first few days but slowly, I was able to reach the waistline towards the end of my confinement. I wore a corset on top of the bengkung to help keep it in place.

I don't know if I did a good job explaining the details or not but I hope the diagram helps. I wore bengkung twice a day, only opened them during bath time and although my tummy is not exactly washboard tummy, it doesn't bulge out or offer any unsightly figure.

Abdominal exercise is also necessary to help tighten the tummy area which in my case is often neglected so up till now, I still have the mummy tummy *sigh* which I proudly wear as my badge of honor. Heh.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sara : 14 months

Recording a child's update is not as easy as I thought it would be. I always forgot to update her development in the blog and I always forgot to snap pictures of her doing every cute little thing.

It is also frustrating because the sole reason I started blogging is to record every phase of her life. Seeing how forgetful I am, this will serve as a record on how I mature as a mother and most importantly, how she grows as a person .

Let's see, at 13 months, she can walk with confidence, she even mimicks jumping. She's also is such a copycat, she mimicks everything we did for example atuk coughing, babah sleeping (yeah, she mimicks her babah snoring!), atuk driving the car, nenek getting up from the floor and lots more. (Note to self : no more fighting in front of her! ;p)

Oh, and I totally forgot about the identification of body parts. She actually knows her ears, nose, eyes, hair, mouth, tounge and stomach at 10 months! Now she's move on to more complicated gestures such as brushing her teeth, putting her index finger to her mouth to shhhh! and do the thumbs up for sedap.

All of us are seriously surprised that she has a very clear grasp on all the things we teach her. I mean, I myself could never do the thumbs up until I was almost 2 (according to my mum. heh) And she demands to have her hands and mouth washed after she eats. And she loves to eat chocolate soooo much, she's even willing to go and get her chocolate from her Pak Uda who she's terrified of.

However, despite her advanced development in physical and intelligence, I think she is going to be a late talker. Up until now, the words that she utters with meaning is NAK, DAP (for sedap), NENEK, KAKAK and BABA. Oh well, guess we can't have it all. But I do intend to enjoy this moment because I know once she starts to talk, I will have to watch my temper answering her endless questions ;)

The domestic goddess??

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Run Baby Run...

I have always loved watching people running (influenced by Forrest Gump). The idea of challenging yourself, testing your limits and pushing yourself to the max has always been hanging at the back of my mind.

So, when I saw the night marathon in Putrajaya around two-three weeks ago, and I was like, wow! this is great. I was sooooo keen to join (BUT must get proper training!!). I was determined to join next year.

But then, I heard about the energizer night race and I thought to myself, why wait next year? why don't I start now? Without thinking, I called my sisters, we registered and paid the entry fee.

Now that I had the time to think, I truly ready for this?? I mean I have never ever ran that far before and I am not exactly "fit" nor do I have the stamina. I mean, I can barely jog for 5 minutes non-stop, let alone do it for 1 1/2 hour (which is the qualifying time to finish)

So, ready or not, here I come ;p (wish me best of luck peeps!!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mother-daughter drama episode 1 : Nak!

I had a bad day that day and was feeling rather tired while Sara has been acting up lately. So, when I put her in her highchair, she screamed (oh, she doesn't do the cute cry nowadays, she just SCREAMED. A LOT.). I feed her, she screamed. I put her on my lap, she screamed. OKAY.

I put her on the floor, still she screamed and refuse to stand up. So, I asked in a stern and angry voice "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!".

She looked at me with huge eyes brimming with tears, points to the weetameal biscuit tin and says "Nak!". I opened the tin, gave her half of a biscuit (which she declines) because she wanted a ROUND biscuit. FINE.

And when I gave her the biscuit, a magical thing happened. She looked at me with thankful eyes and I couldn't help but to stifle a laughter. And my anger, my frustration just instantly vapourized replaced by a yearning to apologize, forgive and forget.

I urged her gently "Kiss Mummy". She lean forward and emmm-mmahh. I kissed her back and said that I'm sorry. And that's the end of our first fight.

Now, if only all of our future fights can be resolved like that... (which I am sure will happen in many more of mother-daughter drama episodes to come)

Budak tecit nakal yang duduk atas perut Mummy tanak pandang camera

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Understanding everything...

Sara has always understand simple instructions that we gave her. Since she has now started walking, we gave her more difficult instructions such as "Sara, go and throw this in the dustbin" - she will walk to the dustbin in the living room beside the cabinet to throw the rubbish. *likes*

Or, when she finishes her milk, "Sara, go and put your bottle in the kitchen sink". Well, she couldn't reach the sink, so there is always somebody there to help her *also likes*

But, my favourite of all is "Sara, go and take a pillow for Mummy. Mummy want to sleep" and she will take the sofa's brown pillow and give it to me. Ha!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Women and tears...

And they say women use tears to gain sympathy and to manipulate men...

Pic from utusan


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