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Monday, February 8, 2010

Mother-daughter drama episode 1 : Nak!

I had a bad day that day and was feeling rather tired while Sara has been acting up lately. So, when I put her in her highchair, she screamed (oh, she doesn't do the cute cry nowadays, she just SCREAMED. A LOT.). I feed her, she screamed. I put her on my lap, she screamed. OKAY.

I put her on the floor, still she screamed and refuse to stand up. So, I asked in a stern and angry voice "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!".

She looked at me with huge eyes brimming with tears, points to the weetameal biscuit tin and says "Nak!". I opened the tin, gave her half of a biscuit (which she declines) because she wanted a ROUND biscuit. FINE.

And when I gave her the biscuit, a magical thing happened. She looked at me with thankful eyes and I couldn't help but to stifle a laughter. And my anger, my frustration just instantly vapourized replaced by a yearning to apologize, forgive and forget.

I urged her gently "Kiss Mummy". She lean forward and emmm-mmahh. I kissed her back and said that I'm sorry. And that's the end of our first fight.

Now, if only all of our future fights can be resolved like that... (which I am sure will happen in many more of mother-daughter drama episodes to come)

Budak tecit nakal yang duduk atas perut Mummy tanak pandang camera


noniey said...

comel nyer sara.. tocang camtu.. hehehe..

lepas ni banyak lagi drama.. tapi semuanya cute kalau kita ingat balik..

.miz j for jelly D. said...

so sweet. i wish i can be more expressive like u when i put in words.

pHatMuMMy said...

noni - hehe, ko mmg byk drama....

kat - awww, tengkiu....though I think u too have very interesting flair of telling stories esp regarding khaleel ;)

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