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Friday, February 8, 2013

Sara goes to school....NOT!

So, I decided to send Sara to school, but as you can see from the title above, it is just not working. Heh.

Since we live in Sepang area, I have very limited choices in finding a school for her. Its either Smartreader (Dengkil), Qdees (Dengkil) and CIC (Salak Tinggi). After several discussions and site visit, we chose Smartreader for her. Everything seems to be working out great, the principal there is really nice, Sara likes her, and there's a mini slide (Sara's absolute favourite out of all playground items).

First day, 2nd January 2013. Hubby and me took the day off just to send her and wait for her at school. At night, she was all excited and when morning came, she was a bit moody at first because she had to wake up early. But she was still cheerful and let me braid her hair while she have her breakfast.

We sent her in, make sure she's okay. She asked me to "make friends", so I introduced her to another cute girl there and they seem to have hit it off. Her teacher was also chirpy, and Sara immediately followed her inside, and they seem to be getting along quite fine. In both instances, "seem" is the operative word.

Since she's inside her class and seem to be doing fine, we decided to go for breakfast at the nearby mamak shop. We went back there just to be informed that Sara is doing great. Yeay! We picked her up at 12.00pm, and she looks okay, not really chirpy and cheerful, but just okay. When asked about her day, she'd reply it was okay nonchalantly. Hmm, its not like her to be like this, I mean, she usually talk our ears off especially if its something she's interested in.

Second day, she cried when she woke up, saying she doesn't want to go to school. But, she gives in and I bathe her and send her to school. I ushered her into the main play area where everybody is playing and stayed out in the lobby. To my surprise, she came out crying, and won't let me leave her. So I told her, I'm right here in the lobby but I can't wait for her in her classroom. She wiped her tears and I sent her back to her classroom.

I went to work, and pick her up at 12.30pm. She came out crying, saying that she doesn't want to go to school anymore. My dad was there too, we made arrangement so that I can get back to work and my dad would bring Sara home. I stayed to talk with the teachers, and I asked them what went wrong. The teacher said that Sara looks very sad today, but she didn't cry out loud or throw any sort of tantrum. She'd just sit quietly and do her work, but when she finishes, her tears would drop silently. She even ate her biscuits with tears in her eyes. And I too, almost cried when the teacher told me about this.

My mom called later on, Sara slept on the sofa, and she was having daymares (not nightmares, as she was sleeping during daytime. Haha, lame joke. I know) She'd suddenly screamed "I don't wanna go to school!!!". My mom also told me that she have been crying non stop from the moment we picked her up until she fell asleep, exhausted.

We had a serious discussion that night, Sara and I. I asked her why and she kept repeating that "the school is not nice. The teacher is not nice". She was also a bit feverish, perhaps due to the amount of tears she expressed, so I decided that she doesn't have to go to school the next day. After numerous amount of persuasion, she finally agrees to go to school on Friday, without her uniforms, to explain to the teachers why she doesn't like the school. We had a heart-to-heart talk with all the teachers and principal, and lets just say that perhaps its just not meant to be.

Contrary to popular belief, no Sara is not the one in the red tudung, she's the one at the back, in front of the door. Hehe.
She had fever for almost a week, and cry whenever we mention school. I was also a complete mess that week. In my heart and in my mind, I could only think about her. I mean, I don't want to be such a give-in type of mother who just followed her child's every whim. But, on the other hand, I also don't want to be the type of mother who doesn't care of her children's opinion. I know she's only 4, but if she really doesn't like the school, then I could not force her to go, right?

And, she's telling me her point of view nicely and politely, I couldn't very well ignore that and just push her to go to the place she genuinely dislike, right?

Oy, the predicaments of being a mother. And that's just sending her to pre-school. I can't imagine what I'll be like when it comes to bigger issue. Haha!

One and Thirty-two

October has passed. And along with it, Dina's birthday and mine.

As usual, random busyness in the office happens. Events, meetings, papers, same old...same old.

What's new is that my daughter is ONE!! She walks and can understand simple instructions, but showing no signs of talking just yet.

My lil daughter, (or I call her kenit sometimes), if I have to say one word that describes her, it'd be "feisty". She has no fear at all, I tell you. Once, she fell and hit her head on our coffee table, and blood gushes out from her forehead. We freaked out, of course but luckily she was still breastfeeding then, so I just nursed her to calm her down. We decided not to bring her to the doctor as my motherly instinct told me that it was just a surface cut :)


I've written all that back in October 2012. And now its February 2013!! Hehe...better late than never, right? Anyways, I've resolved to just write whatever that has been happening for my own reference later. Things might not be in chronological order though :)

Anyways, feisty lil Dina is now 15 months young and still not talking. Haha. Exact opposite of kakak. She's active and doesn't seem to sit still for more than 5 minutes. And oh, I've stopped breastfeeding. :( I've stopped due to various reasons/excuses namely my milk production has dropped tremendously. Not a moment my breast felt full and I can only express about 1-2 ounces each session.

Lucky for me Dina is able to wean off and take formula milk easily. She's still very petite though. At 1 year+, her weight is only 10kgs and giving her food gets us soooo frustrated at times. To say that she's a picky eater would be an exaggeration, but she just doesn't eat much. She eats almost everything, but in four or five mouthful ONLY. Gahhh! She's lucky she has that cute lil face that can get away with almost anything :)

And oh, Dina has a strong aversion to...swimming pool. Haha, I know, funny right? For all her bravado and feisty-ness, she's scared of puddles of water. Haha. Look what happened when she's near swimming pool.

Yep, she'd cry, feigning tantrum and at last, got tired of her own antics and falls asleep. Haha!

I'm abruptly ending this post here with a promise to post more things that have been happening since I last write. Trip to hello kitty, trip to Pulau Sibu, their birthdays, trip to Aquaria, losing my handphone etc etc...

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