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Monday, April 30, 2012

Missing you...

I was supposed to be on leave today. And we were supposed to go back to Kuantan.

But due to some inconsiderate people creating the so-called peaceful rally, I had to be on duty yesterday. And I had to work today. Yawn.

So, we decided that only hubby and Sara will go back to Kuantan. I suggested it actually, I think it would be good for them, for the much needed father-daughter bonding time.

They went back by bus and I didn't send them to the bus station, for fear that Sara will cry and not wanting to go on the bus. I keep texting hubby to make sure a lot of things i.e maki
ng sure she had lunch/dinner/snacks, making sure she bathed/changed/pooped ;) and there was this one time, I called him just to make sure that he didn't leave Sara with strangers even though that person appear trustworthy. I think he got bored and a little pissed by the little faith that I have in him..haha

So, anyway, I have been avoiding talking to Sara, because I fear she'll cry but actually, deep down inside, I fear that she's having sooo much fun, she will not want to talk to me and she doesn't miss me. At all. :( But, last night, because I miss hearing her voice sooooooooooo much, I called her.

Me : Hello sayang...
My husband quickly take the phone and tried to console her (They were at a shopping mall, eating ice-cream. Hehe.)

I got a little teary...because I miss her so bad. Hehe...its really different when I am the one leaving her (go outstation or whatever) compared to this sinking feeling when she's the one leaving me.

Sara, mummy misses you too...can't wait to see you tomorrow ;)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

All About Dina

I admit, I'm guilty of the "second-child syndrome". Let's see, the label "Sara" in my blog has about 80 entries, whereas "Dina" only has 3 measly entries. Hehe. Okay, this entry is going to be all about Dina. I promise :). Hmm, let's see...she can now roll over (from both sides) successfully.

My baldy girl...this is her right after we shave off her locks

And this is her two days after...the hair grows back sooooo fast :)

Its true what they said that time flew by so fast when you have a baby. In the blink of an eye, my little baby is already 5 1/2 months and the best part is I'm still breastfeeding her. And its getting better, I can smile when I nurse her now, the pain is almost gone *big smile*. Both Dina and me, we have sacrificed a lot on this breastfeeding thing (she had to undergo the frenotomy procedure, I had to endure the prolong nipple pain) and I refuse to give up. So, here's to hoping this journey will continue until at least two years.

And oh, I've started her on solid food. A bit early, I know, but to each her own, okay :) Actually, I'd like to elaborate more on this. Almost every blog I read especially those hardcore breastfeeding momma insist on only giving breastmilk exclusively for the first six month. Well, I'm not that exclusive. Apart from breastfeeding Dina, I have occasionally spoon her with warm water especially when she has hiccups.

And I have manage to raise one healthy daughter before Dina, and I fed her with solid food at 5 months, I actually felt confident starting Dina on solid food (she's already 5 1/2 months). I do get "pressured" reading all the mommy blogger feeding their child with varieties of Annabel Karmel's recipe and whatnot but then, I stopped reading and decided to continue doing what I did with Sara. After all, she did grow up fine and healthy, right?


Okay, all of the above was drafted two weeks ago...hehe...Now, Dina is already 6 months, and she's beginning to lift her bottom...getting herself ready to crawl :)

And, even though I promised this is going to be all about Dina, I couldn't resist putting up this pic...I think sisters in identical clothes are adorable... ;)

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