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Friday, September 7, 2012

Kickstart :)

After almost 2 months of blog hiatus, it is somewhat difficult to start writing again ;)

So, to help me kick-start, here's a list of random things I'm thinking about right now:
  1. 1. Dina is 10 months old! She has 6 teeth and is able to stand up by herself but haven't begun walking yet.

  2. 2. I went for an interview for something and......I failed, miserably. Pheww, typing that makes me feel relieved. Admitting this openly helps me to move on, I think..

  3. 3. I've been breastfeeding Dina for the past 10 months. And haven't resort to formula milk yet. Yeay! Not an easy feat, but I made it. Will write a looonnnggg winding post on this. Hehe.

  4. 4. My youngest sister got engaged and I couldn't be happier. Now, if only I can give out suggestions without sounding like a condescending sister I know she thinks I am, things will be much better :(

  5. 5. I really need to send Sara to pre-school/kindy. She's been....well, progressing backwards. Its like she's determined to become the baby of the house, so she'll act more babyish than Dina. Oh, and she's back to wearing diapers now, because she's a BABY, remember? Duhh. Its not like we've been neglecting her or anything but this attitude of hers is starting to frustrate me. Hope she'll love school.

  6. 6. I think me and hubby need to work out on our marriage. Or maybe I need to be more flexible. Or maybe he needs to change, or progress into something better. With age and responsibilities, I know I did progress. It just seems like I am already here (at the stage where we should be right now) but he is still stuck being the same man I married seven years ago.

  7. 7. Oh, the floor of the living hall in my house broke. ALL OF IT. And its past the stipulated defect liability period. That's gonna leave a HUUUGGGEEEE hole in my pocket :(

  8. 8. Dina is definitely not an easy baby. She makes me exasperated at times, but when she smiles her one-billion-dollar smile, or when her eyes twinkle their magical spark, or when she chuckle her musical baby laugh, I get all mushy inside and hugged her sooo tight until she pushes me away. Hihi.

  9. 9. There are days when Sara is an absolute angel. No rude words, no pooping in the pants, no struggle during bath times that makes me reconsider point no 5.

  10. 10. I think I really suck at getting my point across. See point no 2, 4 and 6. Yeah, need to work on that too...

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