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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

pHatMummy and World Cup...

I don't really watch football. I don't really know all the players, nor can I tell the differences between EPL, UEFA and whatnot. I don't understand offside and I think I never will. :) HOWEVER, during my insomnia years in university (2002), I flipped through the TV channel and found this :

Oh my! Yummehhhh....

And I got hooked. Like, seriously hooked. I watched UEFA Champions League religiously that year. I never missed a match. I missed all my morning classes though. And luckily, that football fever didn't stick. I watched it on and off. On when Germany or whatever club Ballack was playing and off whenever he was not. Heh.

Anyways, I catch the football fever again during the 2006 World Cup, simply because it was held in Germany. And I was sooooo sure that Germany would repeat its history in 2002 by getting to the finals and WIN THIS TIME. But they lost to Italy, much to my disappointment.

Fast forward to current World Cup, here they are again, but this time I have mixed feelings. The reason : Ballack is not in the team, he got injured. Booooo! And I hated Podolski. I hate him sooo much, he's on the top of my hate list, along with Jalaludin Hassan. Haha.

And, this year, I think Germany has included another module in their football training, "How to act surprised when a goal is actually scored?" Lesson 1 : Control facial expression. Do not act surprised and DO NOT SHOW that you are furious or mad. Instead, kick the ball so fast with an indignant face and ignore all hesitation.

You are such a good actor, I can't help but to like you. And you remind me of Sark (in Alias).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Discovering moles

I've just discovered that Sara has two moles, in exactly the same places as mine : eyes and thighs. :)

I've been reading on the internet regarding moles and some of them are quite scary (as in early signs of cancer and whatnot) so I decided to go with a more light-hearted reading. Did you know that moles in body parts symbolizes different things? Check out this info: (taken from this website)

Moles on Body for Females: Front of Body

1 - Life will be challenging for you and sometimes things will not be easy. If the mole is red in color, however, no challenges will be too hard for you.

2 – A mole in this location indicates that you get easily stressed out. Learn to relax and don't take life too seriously.

3 – You are a busy and popular person. Your actions are efficient and you are liked by many people. It is likely that you hold a high position with a lot of responsibilities because of your ability to make good connections.

4 – This mole warns you that you should have good eating habits. If the mole is light, however, it means that you will have or already have a partner who loves you very much.

5 – This mole indicates that you have the responsibility of taking care of your family. It also indicates that you will be good at that and will be rewarded for that later on in your life.

6 – The mole in this location indicates that you are a very ambitions person and have big goals. If you have more moles of such significance, it indicates that you are likely to become a well-known person.

7 – The mole here shows that you are a kind and generous person. You are fair with people therefore people trust you.

8 – This mole means that your life will be easy. You will not lack support and you will be safe throughout your life. It's one the luckiest moles to have.

9 – This mole indicates your capacity to achieve great wealth. If it touches your navel, it means that you will become extremely wealthy.

10 – This mole shows that you are a very passionate person and have a high sex drive.(The location of these moles on body can be slightly different to the ones shown in the picture.)

11 – Your children are likely to be obedient and will bring you a lot of happiness. You will be (or are) proud of them.

12 – This mole shows that you are going to have a good life. Everything will be relatively easy for you to accomplish but there will be some surprises along the way.

13 – You will have a beautiful husband or wife and you yourself are likely to be good-looking.

14 – You love your children and they feel safe with you. You have a close connection with your children.

15 – You should learn how to manage money because otherwise it is likely that you will lose some.

16 – You cannot keep any secrets because you love to gossip.

17 – You are a happy person and it is likely that you are or will become prosperous.

18 -You have some unstable traits and have a tendency to spend too much money.

19 – You are a positive person to whom life will be easier than for most.

20 – You treat everyone with respect and therefore everyone respects you in return.

21 – With little work you will easily succeed in life.

22 – You are a very ambitious woman therefore whenever you truly decide to set goals, it is more than likely that you will achieve them.

23 – You can be quite a heartless and cold person at times. (The location of these moles on body can be slightly different to the ones shown in the picture.)

24 – Your life is full of challenges. If the mole is read in color, it means that your love life will be successful but there will be only one problem with that – your desire to flirt will cause you to have only short relationships.

Moles on Body for Females: Back of Body

1 – Your marriage is likely to be rather challenging.

2 – You will have many responsibilities in your life and it's a good decision to remove this mole.

3 – This mole shows that you may be lacking elegance. Some people prefer to remove this mole because of this meaning.

4 – It will be quite hard for you to stay in the same job for a long time.

5 – You are intelligent, creative and it will be easy for you to become well-known and respected.

6 – You will have an unstable career. It is a good idea to remove this mole since it's quite negative.

7 – You are a reliable and trustworthy person therefore your friends find it easy to tell you even their deepest secrets.

8 – Your life will be safe and easy. This mole is one of the best moles to have.

9 – You are a very patient person but if you are annoyed too much, you can snap.

10 – You are very good with numbers therefore would be a very efficient accountant. In general, you are good with managing money.

11 – You have great interpersonal skills and therefore it's easy for you to make friends.

12 – You have many reliable friends therefore this mole is considered to be very good to have.

13 – This mole indicates that you can be quite insensitive at times. (The location of these moles on body can be slightly different to the ones shown in the picture.)

Moles on Body for Males: Front of Body

1 – You get stressed quite easily. Because of that you should try to calm down and control yourself.

2 – Your life will have some challenges but you will solve any problems that you will encounter.

3 – You should make sure that you eating habits are good. If the mole is light in color, it means that your wife loves you very much.

4 – You will have a happy life and very little worries. However you should pay attention to your health.

5 – You are a very ambitions person with great dreams.

6 – You are popular and your life has many challenges. People like you and trust you. It is likely that you will achieve great heights in your career.

7 – Your life will be easy and you will be safe no matter where you are.

8 – Your life will be easy and there will be little unexpected problems. (The location of these moles on body can be slightly different to the ones shown in the picture.)

9 – Your children are obedient and bring you much happiness. You are proud of them.

10 – Your wife is likely to be good-looking. You are likely to be good-looking too.

11 – You will enjoy great wealth and life will be easy for you.

12 – You are likely to have many children.

13 – You are likely to inherit a large amount of money.

14 – The same as mole 13.

15 – There will be some challenges in your life.

16 – You will travel many times, both for pleasure and work. The smaller the mole, the more happiness travel will bring you. If the mole is very large, it means that travel will bring more problems than happy events.

17 – You will be very successful and are likely to rise high in your career.

18 – You are likely to do a physical work and you are a hard working person.

19 – You find it hard to get recognition for the work that you do. (The location of these moles on body can be slightly different to the ones shown in the picture.)

20 – It is likely that you will have a profession that involves dealing with money. This mole also indicates that you should take great care in dealing with money, especially if it's not yours.

21 – You love spending money and it will be hard for you to save money. You should therefore practice to tithe so that the money supply would never end for you. If the mole is on the left hand, it means that you spend more than you earn. If it's on the right hand, it means that you easily attract money.

Moles on Body for Males: Back of Body

1 – This mole indicates that you will have a comfortable life and it's likely that you will become wealthy.

2 – You are likely to suffer from backache. Your life can be challenging and therefore it's better to remove this mole.

3 – You will have many responsibilities in life.

4 - Friends may backstab you and you may experience betrayal. Therefore it's better to remove this mole.

5 – Your friends are likely to backstab you.

6 – It will be hard for you to hold the same position for a long time. (The location of these moles on body can be slightly different to the ones shown in the picture.)

7 – The same as mole 6.

8 – You will generally doubt your own abilities to make sound decisions. You cannot motivate yourself enough therefore you require some push from others when you try to achieve your goals. On the more positive side, you will have a very good wife.

9 – You are likely to be successful and wealthy and you will find success in starting your own business. You will be much better off being an entrepreneur rather than working for someone else.

10 – You are intelligent, creative and wise. You are highly respected by people who know you.

11 – You are indecisive when it comes to love and marriage.

12 – You have a tendency to be messy.

13 – You may experience a broken marriage or a very unstable relationship.

14 – You will be earning a lot of money. (The location of these moles on body can be slightly different to the ones shown in the picture.)

15 – You are a charismatic and popular person and you are likely to become very successful.

16 – You are very intelligent and people find it easy to trust you.

17 – Your life will be full of challenges. It's a good idea to remove this mole.

18 – You are a hard working person and this will pay off indeed. You will become a recognized person and will enjoy many great relationships.

19 – You will live far away from your home. You are always on the move.

Disclaimer : These are just theories and assumption by the website owner and in no way reflect my opinion and judgment. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

OMG...OMG...I totally forgot its father's day

I totally forgot. I truly did. I remembered planning to buy a card or something, because I already bought and give hubby his gift, but on the day itself, I totally forgot.

So, here it is....Happy Father's Day to my hubby, papa (my dad) and Abah (hubby's dad). Thank you for being in my life.

To dear hubby, although we are so incompatible in many ways, you are the best person for me and the best father for Sara. Mmuuuahhhsss from Mummy and Sara.

This pic was taken when Sara is almost one year.
And no, they don't usually go to sleep like that ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The TRIPLETSplusONE birthday party...

Last two Sunday, we were honored to receive invitation from TRIPLETSplusONE! We were on our way back from Kuantan, luckily we found the house without much hassle (thank god for GPS!)

On our way there, we stopped at Petronas petrol station, I splashed Sara with water, change her so that she'll feel more refreshed and will be more friendly and receptive at the birthday party. I was contemplating whether to put diapers on her or not, but seeing her exemplary behavior throughout the journey, I decided to gamble and not put diapers on her.

We reached the venue around 4.00 pm and the party is just getting started. Sara was still clinging to me. It took her almost one hour to warm up. After we ate, I asked her whether she wants to go to the toilet. And she does. And I brought her to the toilet. And she pees. I seriously love that kid. She just knows when to behave.

The party was a blast. Munirah (the TRIPLETSplusONE mummy) really put a lot of effort planning this party.There were cute signage everywhere, lots of toys and some seriously good food. Being the forgetful person I am, of course I forgot to bring the camera. So, the nice pictures you see in here is all credited to Hafiz Ismail of WOW! Art and Photography (these blokes are really good, I am thinking of having the fun and funky white studio session..for info, click here) Oh, I also curik some photo from this blog

The party started to get wet (as promised). Sara looked at all the other kids playing with longing interest, so I asked her whether she wants to join. She said yes, and I changed her into short pants and t-shirt. As I was changing her pants, she looked me in the eye and said "mummy....poo-poo". I was aghast. I asked her "Seriously Sara? You have to poo-poo? Now?" And she nod emphatically. Luckily I remembered I saw a toilet seat when we went to the bathroom earlier. To Munirah, if you are reading this, yes, my darling little angel poo-poo in your toilet. She's sorry and I am *really embarassed*

The SUPERMAMA who did it all

To Harith, Athirah and Uzair, Happy Birthday dearie!!! Hope you like the presents we got you (and hope they fit nicely). To Munirah, congratulations on a very well-planned party and please send my warmest regards to your wonderful family. Oh, and a special thanks for your hubby too for his manly action in "mencampak" my little Sara down the slide. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and again THANK YOU for including us in this event.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, the little kid can call me Mummy now. The first 100 times she called me that, I'd get all soft and gooey inside. The next 1000 times has been driving *some people* up the wall. Its been Mummy this and Mummy that every 10 second. And I have to reply ever-so-sweetly "Yes, Sara?" every time she calls me. Don't get me wrong, I love replying to her every call and request but its really getting on everybody else's nerves. Even my ever-so-patient hubby is getting annoyed by her incessant cry for Mummy.

The Mummy calling started when Sara and I went back to Kuantan without hubby. Hubby joined us later during the weekend. Its been too long since we last met hubby's side of the family, so naturally she was a bit reserved when meeting them especially her one and only uncle (hubby's younger brother). And her uncle certainly wasn't helping the situation by being so intimidating and unnecessarily harsh towards her.

So, for four days, she has been clinging to me for dear life. She's been under tremendous amount of fear, she even closed her eyes with her hand when she wants to sleep. Sometimes, she'd grab my hands, asking me to cover her eyes when she felt scared. She will look for me every 10 second to make sure I'm right beside her.

I had to make sure she's either sleeping or happily entertained if I want to do anything. Once, I wanted to shower, so I take her to her aunties (whom she got along fine). After 5 minutes, I heard her crying and wailing "Ma-mm, Ma-mm" and I heard everybody trying to calm her. The cries got worse and suddenly she started screaming "Maaaaaaa miiiiiiiiiii" It was a bittersweet moment, really. She's saying Mummy for the first time but it was out of fear.

And since that moment, its been Mummyyyyyyyy all day long. And, even though this post may be well interpreted as me not appreciating the Mummy calling, its not. Its really not. I love it when she call me Mummy. I don't care if she called me every 2 second, I'm loving it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hi everyone!

I'm sure my Mummy has been telling everyone about my monthly progress.

And I'm pretty sure that she's a bit frustrated with the fact that I can't call her Mummy like she wanted me to.

I always call her Ma-mm or Ma-mu.

But I'm a big girl now and I can call Mummy perfectly.
In fact, I've been doing that every 10 seconds and I think the sentimentality has worn off. It's starting to drive Mummy crazy.

Hey, its her fault that she wanted me to call her Mummy soooo bad and now I can't seem to stop.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random musings

  1. 1. A fellow PTD died, and everybody is shifting blame. Some are blaming the deceased for not being able to differentiate a common flu and influenza-type flu. Some are blaming the PASKAU for the rigorous training method. Some even blamed the clinic that said the deceased only suffers from normal fever. Some blamed the administration of the course programme for letting this situation get out of hand. Some are wondering the relevance of this type of training for a public service officer who is not going to require this level of stamina and fitness to fulfill their everyday routine. And I? I wondered whether the people involved in this whole thing are even bothered by her death? Did they go to the funeral? Did they console and express their remorse to the family?

  2. 2. In Mac 2009, I was elated when I found out that I was pregnant. I was always somewhat reckless and a bit clumsy at times and I tried my best to live a healthier lifestyle because I am now responsible for two lives. I was never the one who eat my vitamins everyday, nor did I do all the light exercise or the suggested good things to do when you are pregnant. I just keep tabs of the baby. I can't proclaim to know much, but I do know this : Active baby is good thing. Must remember to make sure that baby is moving at least once every two hours. If baby is idle, I will eat, take a bath, start to talk, exercise with hubby ;) until the baby reacts. (And yes, in that order ;))

  3. 3. My hubby and I are ready to have our second child. In fact, we've been ready for two months now, but my aunty still visits, complete with her truckload of emotional baggage and stomach cramps! Heh. I know its been only two months but we need baby NOW! I miss holding a newborn and I would very much prefer a baby now so that when it comes Ramadhan, I am out of the dreaded first trimester. (I have awful morning sickness that last all day).

  4. 4. I am impressed with my fellow friends who have been doing so well in their respective agencies. I feel a tinge of pride when my fellow batchmate receive glowing recommendation from their bosses. In retrospect, I am also somewhat ashamed and disgusted by some that are blatantly misusing their power and influence. We are supposed to work for the greater good, no?

  5. 5. I have a weakness for books. I can never put down a book, once I started reading it. My hubby once gave me the Harry Potter : The Deathly Hallows when I was heavily pregnant at 8 months. He gave me the book at midnight and although I know that I won't be able to stop reading once I started, I also could not sleep knowing that the book is silently calling out to me. So, I give in and spent the whole night awake reading the book. Recently my sister bought the Cecilia Ahern "Thanks for the memories" book. And whaddayaknow....I fell asleep reading it! That was a first! I find myself skimming the pages, just reading without any invested feelings. Ngeeee....I think I'm getting old

  6. 6. My ability to memorize is better than my capability to comprehend. It has work to my benefit so far, when I'm not sure of anything, I'll just recite whatever it is I remember from my conversation with others. BUT, as I slowly creeps into the dreaded three-oh, I find both my skills to memorize and to understand, is going down the drains :(

  7. 7. I have four meeting minutes that I am supposed to finish...umm....yesterday? Heee....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another red velvet cake

I just love the combination of red and white...don't you?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan the Movie

I was a big fan of Ahadiat Akashah's novel back in my school years. It would be safe to say that I sort of grew up reading his books, Budak Rap, Budak Momok, Budak Setan, Salina, Katerina. To his credit, he did inspire me to love and live life to the fullest, albeit a little bit superficial. I mean ALL characters in his stories are handsome, gorgeous, filthy rich, studied overseas, earning millions and genius (didn't study but scored straight A's). Hihi, luckily he only inspired me, not guide me!

While reading his novels, I often imagined who will star in what role if it was made into a movie. None of the actor reflected my choice ;p (I thought Kasyah was supposed to be this manly and handsome figure, no offense to Farid Kamil, but his looks is not typical malay and he certainly is not what you would call a handsome man). And oh, the close-up shot does not help. I have a permanently etched image of Farid Kamil's pimples at the back of my head. Heh.

I also watched the trailer for quite a few times before watching the actual movie and take my advice, you wouldn't want to be doing that or you'll end up somewhat disappointed in the movie because the trailer showcases ALL the interesting scenes, so what was left of the actual movie is mediocre? boring?So, the overall movie was quite good, although I would have very much liked it if they stick to the original novel plot. And I would very much appreciate it if they omit all the corny dialog. At one point, I was bawling (I always cry at movies, don't take my tears as some form of endorsement that this movie is guaranteed sad movie), I was really into the movie when Emi/Ayu uttered "Tiba-tiba aku merasa macam sesuatu yang aneh". I was like WHAT? Totally spoiled the whole scene, man. Oh, and there are quite a few corny dialogues like that throughout the movie. Killjoy!

Apart from that, the movie was o-kay. The song was fantastic, really suits the whole mood of the story. The cinematography was superb. The acting from Fazura and Que Haidar is beyond expectation, Farid Kamil and Lisa Surihani is as expected and Shikin Kamal, the newcomer is wayyyyy below expectation. Huh! Its really hard to sell that Emi by Shikin is actually Ayu by Lisa. I thought Ayu only undergo a face surgery, not pack in a few pound and grow 4 inches! Sazzy Falak would have made a nicer Emi (Emi should be smaller and thinner from Ayu. She has been abused and is suffering, no?)
Memorable scenes from the movies for me is when Ayu fighting with Azmi, Kasyah wooing Ayu/Emi who has lost her memory and Fazura crying in the toilet. I am proud of this movie and although there is soooo much room for improvement, I still liked it. I still cried watching it and I probably would have cried watching it for at least two more times. Next Malay movie : Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. The trailer blows my mind!!!! Can't wait to watch it :)

* all image credit to google and site owner. And the owner of this site supports the local film industry. She just hates corny stories and does not have patience for Razak Mohaideen and Yusof Haslam type of romance.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Red Velvet Cake

This is my third attempt of making a whole cake. Sure, there are A LOT of room for improvement, and I will surely try my very best to improve my skills in decorating these kind of cake. This is a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting ordered by a dear colleague.

A red velvet love cake for a lovely wife from a loving husband *Pardon the pun

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sara : 16 months

I really have to make a mental note on how to categorize Sara's milestone. I'll start with this month's progress and I hope I'll remember to do the same for months after.

Weight : 11 kgs (dropped! probably due to the fever she had earlier)
Height : 86 cm (she grew 5 cm in the last two months!)

Identification of body parts and other things
She now knows ALL her body parts (all that I could think of, that is)
She can point to everything inside her elmo book (big lorry, rabbit, butterfly, baloon, cake, bubble, ball)
She recognizes cats, dogs, birds, worms (hee, she scared shitless of worms)
She can point correctly to our belongings (such as sandals and hand phones) and correctly call out the name of the owner (she points to atuk's hand phone and say to tookkk and does the same for everybody else's hand phones)
She can understand instructions! (such as "Sara, can you please take a tissue, Mummy want to wipe this mess. The tissue is on the cabinet. Take one only (because she likes to grab a handful of them) and she can carry out the instruction perfectly.

"How you call Nenek?" "Nenekkkkk"
"How you call Atuk?" "To toookkkkk"
"How you call Ciksu?" "Ca cshuuu"
"How you call Bibik?" "Brr biikkk"
"How you call Baba?" "BABA!!!" Yeah, she always screams when she call her baba
"How you call Mummy?" "Ma-mmm" For some reason, she can't quite say Mi :)
"How you call Cik Ngah?" "Ya niiiii" This is the most surprising since we always call my sister Cik Ngah or Angah
She can also say simple things such as "Come", "Milk", "Eat", "Down" and "Dog". Oh, and her favourite word is "More!" Haha.


She loves to mimic things she sees. For example, whenever we watch TV or read books, she always imitates the Nippon paint character (which is to bulge her stomach forward).
She looooooves to sulk. She pouts for even the tiniest things (okay, I know she got that from me) But, I love seeing her pout. She will cross her arm, pursed her lips and gave us THAT look. She doesn't appreciate people teasing her and loves it when we compliment her. VAIN, I know!
Toilet training
Her toilet training is getting better. In fact, we took her on two short outings without diapers and NO accidents occured. Yeay! We even took her on a long journey to JB and unwanted accidents happened along the way. We stopped twice and took her to the toilet and she pees like a good girl. Yeay!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cutie Pastel

I love pastel colours. I will have a really hard time choosing what colour I like most. I made these cuppies with lots of happy feeling because of the colours. I hope you like them as much as I do. ;)

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