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Monday, June 7, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan the Movie

I was a big fan of Ahadiat Akashah's novel back in my school years. It would be safe to say that I sort of grew up reading his books, Budak Rap, Budak Momok, Budak Setan, Salina, Katerina. To his credit, he did inspire me to love and live life to the fullest, albeit a little bit superficial. I mean ALL characters in his stories are handsome, gorgeous, filthy rich, studied overseas, earning millions and genius (didn't study but scored straight A's). Hihi, luckily he only inspired me, not guide me!

While reading his novels, I often imagined who will star in what role if it was made into a movie. None of the actor reflected my choice ;p (I thought Kasyah was supposed to be this manly and handsome figure, no offense to Farid Kamil, but his looks is not typical malay and he certainly is not what you would call a handsome man). And oh, the close-up shot does not help. I have a permanently etched image of Farid Kamil's pimples at the back of my head. Heh.

I also watched the trailer for quite a few times before watching the actual movie and take my advice, you wouldn't want to be doing that or you'll end up somewhat disappointed in the movie because the trailer showcases ALL the interesting scenes, so what was left of the actual movie is mediocre? boring?So, the overall movie was quite good, although I would have very much liked it if they stick to the original novel plot. And I would very much appreciate it if they omit all the corny dialog. At one point, I was bawling (I always cry at movies, don't take my tears as some form of endorsement that this movie is guaranteed sad movie), I was really into the movie when Emi/Ayu uttered "Tiba-tiba aku merasa macam sesuatu yang aneh". I was like WHAT? Totally spoiled the whole scene, man. Oh, and there are quite a few corny dialogues like that throughout the movie. Killjoy!

Apart from that, the movie was o-kay. The song was fantastic, really suits the whole mood of the story. The cinematography was superb. The acting from Fazura and Que Haidar is beyond expectation, Farid Kamil and Lisa Surihani is as expected and Shikin Kamal, the newcomer is wayyyyy below expectation. Huh! Its really hard to sell that Emi by Shikin is actually Ayu by Lisa. I thought Ayu only undergo a face surgery, not pack in a few pound and grow 4 inches! Sazzy Falak would have made a nicer Emi (Emi should be smaller and thinner from Ayu. She has been abused and is suffering, no?)
Memorable scenes from the movies for me is when Ayu fighting with Azmi, Kasyah wooing Ayu/Emi who has lost her memory and Fazura crying in the toilet. I am proud of this movie and although there is soooo much room for improvement, I still liked it. I still cried watching it and I probably would have cried watching it for at least two more times. Next Malay movie : Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. The trailer blows my mind!!!! Can't wait to watch it :)

* all image credit to google and site owner. And the owner of this site supports the local film industry. She just hates corny stories and does not have patience for Razak Mohaideen and Yusof Haslam type of romance.


.Dd LaLa. said...

the first review that says 80% good things about this movie. some reviews about it are just too much sampai aku tak nak support filem malaysia.

between, i always love fazura... hehehe...

pHatMuMMy said...

aku rasa this is one of malay films yang memangla ada tahap-tahap leleh and lemau, TAPI tak malu la nak support. It could be worse, you know.

This movie, although could do sooo much better, ain't that bad. But, I can't help to compare it with previous work of other directors, namely the late Yasmin Ahmad.

LBS dropped Kasyah's brother character (Iskandar, I think) that I think should be portrayed because his role is significant should they proceed to the second part of LBS, Katerina.

Compared to YA's movies, Sepet and Gubra, she did put the Alan Yun character in Sepet as Jason's brother because he IS going to become another character in Gubra. Nice touch of continuity there.

As opposed to LBS, if they do put the Iskandar character later in LBS Part Two, they might have some continuity problems to take care of.

Oooohhh, I seem very passionate about this movie, didn't I? Hehe, okay, I admit, I *liked* this movie BUT only because I loved the novel. I said "loved" because I don't believe in Ahadiat Akashah anymore. You divorced your wife much for love and happiness ever after.

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