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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hi everyone!

I'm sure my Mummy has been telling everyone about my monthly progress.

And I'm pretty sure that she's a bit frustrated with the fact that I can't call her Mummy like she wanted me to.

I always call her Ma-mm or Ma-mu.

But I'm a big girl now and I can call Mummy perfectly.
In fact, I've been doing that every 10 seconds and I think the sentimentality has worn off. It's starting to drive Mummy crazy.

Hey, its her fault that she wanted me to call her Mummy soooo bad and now I can't seem to stop.



.Dd LaLa. said...

auntie katt's situation is even more pathetic. my idris can only call abah loud and clear and can't pronounce mommy yet... not even

well done girl. I like your bumbum thighs... so cekci.

takpe...we both girls.

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