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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

pHatMummy and World Cup...

I don't really watch football. I don't really know all the players, nor can I tell the differences between EPL, UEFA and whatnot. I don't understand offside and I think I never will. :) HOWEVER, during my insomnia years in university (2002), I flipped through the TV channel and found this :

Oh my! Yummehhhh....

And I got hooked. Like, seriously hooked. I watched UEFA Champions League religiously that year. I never missed a match. I missed all my morning classes though. And luckily, that football fever didn't stick. I watched it on and off. On when Germany or whatever club Ballack was playing and off whenever he was not. Heh.

Anyways, I catch the football fever again during the 2006 World Cup, simply because it was held in Germany. And I was sooooo sure that Germany would repeat its history in 2002 by getting to the finals and WIN THIS TIME. But they lost to Italy, much to my disappointment.

Fast forward to current World Cup, here they are again, but this time I have mixed feelings. The reason : Ballack is not in the team, he got injured. Booooo! And I hated Podolski. I hate him sooo much, he's on the top of my hate list, along with Jalaludin Hassan. Haha.

And, this year, I think Germany has included another module in their football training, "How to act surprised when a goal is actually scored?" Lesson 1 : Control facial expression. Do not act surprised and DO NOT SHOW that you are furious or mad. Instead, kick the ball so fast with an indignant face and ignore all hesitation.

You are such a good actor, I can't help but to like you. And you remind me of Sark (in Alias).


yurn said...

jalaluddin hassan? ngehngehngeh.. kahn tak suke? aku ske keeper arsenal yang lama tu.. david seamen..

Mursapap said...

Hoit, shirtless men with abs like that deserve to be... ermmm gawk at.

If only we can touch and feel em..

pHatMuMMy said...

ika - oh yeah. kahn...suka gak dia tu...aku tetap setia ngn ballack :)

peanut - what makes me melt is 1) his deep set eyes 2) the abs. heh. i'm a sucker for eyes like that :)

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