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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sara : 16 months

I really have to make a mental note on how to categorize Sara's milestone. I'll start with this month's progress and I hope I'll remember to do the same for months after.

Weight : 11 kgs (dropped! probably due to the fever she had earlier)
Height : 86 cm (she grew 5 cm in the last two months!)

Identification of body parts and other things
She now knows ALL her body parts (all that I could think of, that is)
She can point to everything inside her elmo book (big lorry, rabbit, butterfly, baloon, cake, bubble, ball)
She recognizes cats, dogs, birds, worms (hee, she scared shitless of worms)
She can point correctly to our belongings (such as sandals and hand phones) and correctly call out the name of the owner (she points to atuk's hand phone and say to tookkk and does the same for everybody else's hand phones)
She can understand instructions! (such as "Sara, can you please take a tissue, Mummy want to wipe this mess. The tissue is on the cabinet. Take one only (because she likes to grab a handful of them) and she can carry out the instruction perfectly.

"How you call Nenek?" "Nenekkkkk"
"How you call Atuk?" "To toookkkkk"
"How you call Ciksu?" "Ca cshuuu"
"How you call Bibik?" "Brr biikkk"
"How you call Baba?" "BABA!!!" Yeah, she always screams when she call her baba
"How you call Mummy?" "Ma-mmm" For some reason, she can't quite say Mi :)
"How you call Cik Ngah?" "Ya niiiii" This is the most surprising since we always call my sister Cik Ngah or Angah
She can also say simple things such as "Come", "Milk", "Eat", "Down" and "Dog". Oh, and her favourite word is "More!" Haha.


She loves to mimic things she sees. For example, whenever we watch TV or read books, she always imitates the Nippon paint character (which is to bulge her stomach forward).
She looooooves to sulk. She pouts for even the tiniest things (okay, I know she got that from me) But, I love seeing her pout. She will cross her arm, pursed her lips and gave us THAT look. She doesn't appreciate people teasing her and loves it when we compliment her. VAIN, I know!
Toilet training
Her toilet training is getting better. In fact, we took her on two short outings without diapers and NO accidents occured. Yeay! We even took her on a long journey to JB and unwanted accidents happened along the way. We stopped twice and took her to the toilet and she pees like a good girl. Yeay!


noniey said...

wah bagus2.. nanti dah 2 tahun jangan pakai dypers lagi eh sara.. gud girl lah sara ni..

pHatMuMMy said...

oh yeah, right after this post is published, she pees on the carpet. twice. heh.

.Dd LaLa. said...

bagus nko bagi idea kat aku nak buat milestone utk toddler. dulu masa kategori baby kreatif la jugak dah jadi toddler ni aku macam lost... and for the record, dah berbulan2 tak buat my son's milestones.

between, bagusnya sara toilet train awal2...idris... tak nampak jalan lagi la...hehehe...

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