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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, the little kid can call me Mummy now. The first 100 times she called me that, I'd get all soft and gooey inside. The next 1000 times has been driving *some people* up the wall. Its been Mummy this and Mummy that every 10 second. And I have to reply ever-so-sweetly "Yes, Sara?" every time she calls me. Don't get me wrong, I love replying to her every call and request but its really getting on everybody else's nerves. Even my ever-so-patient hubby is getting annoyed by her incessant cry for Mummy.

The Mummy calling started when Sara and I went back to Kuantan without hubby. Hubby joined us later during the weekend. Its been too long since we last met hubby's side of the family, so naturally she was a bit reserved when meeting them especially her one and only uncle (hubby's younger brother). And her uncle certainly wasn't helping the situation by being so intimidating and unnecessarily harsh towards her.

So, for four days, she has been clinging to me for dear life. She's been under tremendous amount of fear, she even closed her eyes with her hand when she wants to sleep. Sometimes, she'd grab my hands, asking me to cover her eyes when she felt scared. She will look for me every 10 second to make sure I'm right beside her.

I had to make sure she's either sleeping or happily entertained if I want to do anything. Once, I wanted to shower, so I take her to her aunties (whom she got along fine). After 5 minutes, I heard her crying and wailing "Ma-mm, Ma-mm" and I heard everybody trying to calm her. The cries got worse and suddenly she started screaming "Maaaaaaa miiiiiiiiiii" It was a bittersweet moment, really. She's saying Mummy for the first time but it was out of fear.

And since that moment, its been Mummyyyyyyyy all day long. And, even though this post may be well interpreted as me not appreciating the Mummy calling, its not. Its really not. I love it when she call me Mummy. I don't care if she called me every 2 second, I'm loving it!


.Dd LaLa. said...

bila idris boleh panggil aku mummy...asyik dok mamm...maamm...

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