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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I was driving when I heard the hot chat segment on hot fm regarding English misinterpretation. And this brought to mind, one particular incident involving The Lovely Person (TLP) and The Other Lovely Person (TOLP). Names are not revealed to protect their interest. Heh.

This incident happened in SOGO. As usual, during sale, we were frantically shopping when I come across a lovely blouse.

Me : Cantiknya blouse ni...(and come closer to have a look. TLP and TOLP is right by my side)
Me : Ala, baju maternity la pulak...
TLP and TOLP : Oh...

(and we walk away)

Me : (suddenly remebers that TLP often misinterpret meaning of words)
Me : TLP tau ke baju maternity tu apa?
TLP : (in all honesty) I know...I know....tu brand baju yang mahal tu kan
Me and TOLP : stood motionless for 5 seconds than burst out laughing like hyenas. I think our peal of laughter could be heard all the way to Pertama Complex.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sara : 10 months

Its been a while since Sara went to the clinic (2 months to be exact), so we have no idea how much she weigh. Last week, she went to the clinic with Nenek (Mommy has a meeting) and guess what? She weigh 9.2 kgs and only 74cm in lenght (I guess she's gonna be petite, like her Mak Tok ;p)

She can crawl for almost two weeks, so now she has moved in to another phase, the trying-to-stand-up phase. If she get a hold on something i.e sofa, chair or even Atuk, she can stand up on her own. Her struggling face to stand up (complete with sound effect) is too cute to watch ;)

Her favourite TV commercial is everyone connects by TM. She'll drop whatever she's doing up
on hearing the Bunkface's song in that commercial. That one time, she was already asleep when the commercial aired. She opened her eyes, watched the commercial and rolls to her side and falls asleep the moment the commercial ended. Cuteness overload.

She knows a lot of things now. She can point to flower, butterfly, cat and she even knows how to differentiate between the TV remote and the fan remote. She'll hold the remote in her hand, point upwards for the fan remote, and point to the TV for the TV remote. My baby is a genius. Haha!

What else...Hmm, at 10 months, she knows her nose, her head, she can crawl and get her comb and proceed to comb her own hair. She seems to know a lot of things, and I'm pretty sure she understands us most of the time. She knows how to reason and can be patient if we talk nicely to her. For example, when I put her in the high chair and she's all excited to eat, but her porridge is still too hot for her. She'll start to scream and sort of get mad like"I want food now!!!" (so like Mommy, always impatient when it comes to food). I'll just say, "Sara, be patient. It's too hot for you. Wait, okay" and she'll calm down. Gotta love her for that. :)

And last but not least, her physical aspect. Her hair got soooooo long, we have to tie it "pokok kelapa". With her big round eyes, she looks just like a samurai. Heh.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sexy Baby

I have a list of things that I want my kid to learn. One of it is swimming. Since I can't swim (don't know why, but my body just refuse to float. Heh), I am adamant about the fact that all my child have to know how to swim. So, to kickstart this ambition, I bought Sara her first swimsuit.

Hah! Too cute, I know :) Here's to hoping Sara and Mommy will finally go on the swimming lesson I always wanted. It's kinda hard to find a place for swimming lesson for mothers with babies in this area. Suggestion, anyone?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Smoke gets in your eyes - in my case, they went straight to my lung...uhuk!!uhuk!!

You'll never guess what tempted me to write this post. Well, this post is written to rant about my beloved b*ss who smokes cigars (cheap ones, and they smell like trash!) in the office. Personally I do, sincerely, I do understand the need to smoke, the addiction to it. I'm not complaining about smoking per se, I'm simply mad to those who smokes in public places, to those who smokes in air-conditioned, confined spaces.

I don't hate smokers, majority of smokers I know are very good people with pleasant personality. What I hate about smokers is when they have utter disregard for other's health. Don't you guys know that the smokes you emit can do harm to us, the non-smokers?? Have you no brain inside that big head of yours? Or have your brain gone poofed, along with the smokes you puff everyday??

I still remember this one incident (please keep in mind that this happened when I was only fourteen, hence the language. Heh)

This incident happened in a bus full of passengers. My friend and I were lucky enough to have a seat. All was good, until suddenly, one teenage boy in his school outfit (SMK Teknik Kulim..haha) started to lit his cigarrette and proceed to pour the ashes on top of my friend's head. The hell???

Me : I thought this is a non-smoking bus
Him : Kecoh aa lu minah. Lu ape hal??
Me : Hmm, tak sangka babi pandai berkata-kata
Him and all the other passenger on the bus : ..........
Him and all his friends after 10 seconds : Macamla bagus sangat!!! Blah la lu!! (and all other sentence in that form) Me : *Whatever. I feel victorious. Bluekkkk!!!*


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bad Mommy!!!!

I am known for my complacent attitude, my wait-n-see outlook in life. For example, I know that Sara can crawl and we've taken safety measures by sleeping on a mattress without bed (on the floor).

However, silly me left her upstairs WITHOUT closing the room door which is just adjacent with the stairs. What if she got up and crawl to the stairs and fall down 20 steps??!!! I'll kill myself if I let that happen. Gahhhh!!! Bad Mommy!!!


Baby Food : Congee with Soup

Since earlier this week, Sara seems a little bit bored of her usual meal. So, I decided to introduce her to congee with soup. Yum!!

My recipe is quite simple, really.

1 small shallot
1 small garlic

2 cups of water
2 large pieces of poultry (chicken/meat/fish)

Approximately 2 tablespoon of veggies (carrots/potatos/spinach)
Approximately 1 tablespoon of celery
1 tablespoon of oil

A teenie weenie bit of salt

Heat the oil. Add the shallot and garlic and fry. Add water, wait to boil then add poultry and celery. I usually add the veggies when the soup is almost cooked to retain the nutrients.
Since Sara isn't teething yet, sometimes I'll blend the poultry and veggies with her congee.

My current addiction ;)

I feel somewhat ashamed admitting this, but I am now officially an addict to this :
It has been a long time dream for me to own a cute little cafe (because I like cooking cafe meals). Tak dapat own yang real pun, virtual pun jadilah ;)

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