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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby Food : Congee with Soup

Since earlier this week, Sara seems a little bit bored of her usual meal. So, I decided to introduce her to congee with soup. Yum!!

My recipe is quite simple, really.

1 small shallot
1 small garlic

2 cups of water
2 large pieces of poultry (chicken/meat/fish)

Approximately 2 tablespoon of veggies (carrots/potatos/spinach)
Approximately 1 tablespoon of celery
1 tablespoon of oil

A teenie weenie bit of salt

Heat the oil. Add the shallot and garlic and fry. Add water, wait to boil then add poultry and celery. I usually add the veggies when the soup is almost cooked to retain the nutrients.
Since Sara isn't teething yet, sometimes I'll blend the poultry and veggies with her congee.


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