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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I was driving when I heard the hot chat segment on hot fm regarding English misinterpretation. And this brought to mind, one particular incident involving The Lovely Person (TLP) and The Other Lovely Person (TOLP). Names are not revealed to protect their interest. Heh.

This incident happened in SOGO. As usual, during sale, we were frantically shopping when I come across a lovely blouse.

Me : Cantiknya blouse ni...(and come closer to have a look. TLP and TOLP is right by my side)
Me : Ala, baju maternity la pulak...
TLP and TOLP : Oh...

(and we walk away)

Me : (suddenly remebers that TLP often misinterpret meaning of words)
Me : TLP tau ke baju maternity tu apa?
TLP : (in all honesty) I know...I know....tu brand baju yang mahal tu kan
Me and TOLP : stood motionless for 5 seconds than burst out laughing like hyenas. I think our peal of laughter could be heard all the way to Pertama Complex.


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