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Monday, November 2, 2009

Smoke gets in your eyes - in my case, they went straight to my lung...uhuk!!uhuk!!

You'll never guess what tempted me to write this post. Well, this post is written to rant about my beloved b*ss who smokes cigars (cheap ones, and they smell like trash!) in the office. Personally I do, sincerely, I do understand the need to smoke, the addiction to it. I'm not complaining about smoking per se, I'm simply mad to those who smokes in public places, to those who smokes in air-conditioned, confined spaces.

I don't hate smokers, majority of smokers I know are very good people with pleasant personality. What I hate about smokers is when they have utter disregard for other's health. Don't you guys know that the smokes you emit can do harm to us, the non-smokers?? Have you no brain inside that big head of yours? Or have your brain gone poofed, along with the smokes you puff everyday??

I still remember this one incident (please keep in mind that this happened when I was only fourteen, hence the language. Heh)

This incident happened in a bus full of passengers. My friend and I were lucky enough to have a seat. All was good, until suddenly, one teenage boy in his school outfit (SMK Teknik Kulim..haha) started to lit his cigarrette and proceed to pour the ashes on top of my friend's head. The hell???

Me : I thought this is a non-smoking bus
Him : Kecoh aa lu minah. Lu ape hal??
Me : Hmm, tak sangka babi pandai berkata-kata
Him and all the other passenger on the bus : ..........
Him and all his friends after 10 seconds : Macamla bagus sangat!!! Blah la lu!! (and all other sentence in that form) Me : *Whatever. I feel victorious. Bluekkkk!!!*



.D d L a L a. said...

"tak sangka babi pandai berkata-kata"

aku rasa statement tu genius utk budak sekolah 14 tahun di era kita. i might say the same thing kot.

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