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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Giving birth

Nope. I haven't give birth. Not yet.

But somehow, this pregnancy is really different from the previous two. Well, for once, I am carrying a boy (yeay!) and I've had some series of minor complications this time around.

Noticed some bleeding at 30 weeks and was admitted to the hospital for a night. Alhamdulillah, mummy and baby is doing fine for now.

My hemoglobin count keeps dropping, my blood pressure is always on the low side, I'm borderline diabetic, my weight is steadily increasing (4kgs in one month!!)....don't even ask me how much I weigh now :(

And just now, when I went for my monthly check-up, my baby is in a breech position. The doctor was all calm and said positive things like its still early, but knowing that the head is not engaged at 32 weeks still makes me feel unsettled.

I mean, since my previous two daughters were of normal birth, I am really nervous of this one. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but respect for mothers that have to go through c-sect. You know why? Because I am a scaredy cat who is deathly terrified by needles, operations, medicines and whatnot. I can't even swallow a pill like normal people do. It'll take me half a bottle of water just to get a normal sized capsule down my throat.

I refused epidural for my first two births not because of the need to go organic/au naturel whatnot, but its because I'm scared of the big ass needle poking into my spine. I mean, I'll gladly take the epidural if it can be administered through hmmm gas perhaps?

I closed my eyes throughout giving birth, and I never once dared to peek at whats happening down under. I turned around for every injection, every blood draw (yes, even the ones where they poke the finger using the teeny weenie needle). Due to that, I'm fairly sure that I'll have a panic attack if I have to hear the sound of people slicing open my stomach.

I don't know what to feel, to be honest, I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to feel either. On one hand, I'm scared of giving birth through vaginal birth, but I think the feeling is somewhat lesser compared to giving birth via csect. At least I have had the experience before, and at least I know the level of pain I'd have to endure. On the other, I know its still early and the baby have a lot of room to turn around and what really matters is the safety of the baby, right?

But for csect...?? Just imagining going into the operation theatre instead of labor room is enough to make me break my sweat.

And, just when it couldn't have been more nerve wrecking, yesterday I met a friend who had to undergo csect for her third birth (her previous two were normal birth) because the baby was in breech position. now brown cow???

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hi there...still remember me?


Sorry my dear blog. I've been neglecting you again. But I have a good reason this time. Hehe...

I'm pregnant...again ;p

Was shocked.

Wasn't prepared. At all.

But, was grateful nonetheless.

I'm at five months now, and got another 20 weeks to go.

This time around, I don't have any weird craving, but I have really severe aversion to a lot of things.

List of aversion :

1) Alamanda
2) Shopping
3) Sweet things (especially cakes)
4) Stupid people
5) Arrogant people

Haha, the last two have always been the top of my dislikes, not only during pregnancy.

Here's to hoping for a smooth sailing second and third trimester.....................

Friday, August 2, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe - easy and foolproof :)

These are the chocolate chip cookies that kept me out of debt during my unemployed life. Haha. Decided to share the recipe here because a lot of people are asking whether I'll be selling them this year. The answer to that is "I'm really sorry, but no. Won't be selling it this year nor the year after that nor the years to come." Reason : my hands are tied with two lil munchkins and frankly, home made cookies (I mean cookies that are baked in your own home, by your own hands) are the best. Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked chocolate goodies, right?

So. I'm going to explain the ingredients along with the steps so that nothing gets left out, okay? I doubled the recipe below (1 recipe can yield about 150 pcs of cookies).

First, make sure your butter and eggs are in room temperature. (This recipe calls for 500gms butter and two grade A eggs)

Second, wash your hands, take out all the utensils (you will be needing two separate bowl : 1 is the mixing bowl (which is attached to the stand mixer) and for the other one, any large bowl will do. It is recommended that you use a stand mixer instead of handheld because it might get too tiring, especially in this fasting month ;)

In the large bowl, combine 3 and a half cup of superfine flour, 2 teaspoon of soda bicarbonate, 1 plastic bag of hersheys semi sweet chocolate chip and also 2 and a half cup of almond nibs. Combine all the ingredients using a large wooden spoon. Why wooden spoon? Dunno, my mentor taught me that, so I'm gonna stick to it ;p

Ready the ingredient for the mixing bowl : 500gms (2 cups) of butter, 1 1/2 cup of castor sugar, 1 cup of brown sugar, 2 grade A eggs, 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence, 2/3 cup of cocoa powder and 2 tablespoon of fresh milk.

Mix 500gms of butter with 1 and a half cup of castor sugar and 1 cup of brown sugar. If you want to reduce the sugar, reduce the castor sugar instead of the brown sugar. Mix them in a very high speed until they turn very light and fluffy like this:

Remember to scrape the bowl few times to ensure everything is mixed thoroughly.

Reduce the speed, and add one egg at a time, mixing them well after each addition:

Reduce the speed some more, and add the cocoa gently. Why gently, you may ask? Well, you wouldn't want to get cocoa powder splattered all over your nice kitchen top now, would you? :) And, remember to scrape the bottom a few times.

Add the two tablespoon of fresh milk and continue to mix on low speed.

Now, the batter should resemble the picture below. The consistency of the batter should be very fluffy and airy, a bit like sponge cake mixture texture.

Then, combine the two batter using a wooden spoon. I usually take half of the dry ingredient, put it in the batter, and then take half the batter, transfer it to the dry ingredient bowl and combine them together gently with the wooden spoon.

Prepare 5 sheets of aluminium foils  and spoon the batter into cute little mounds like these:

And oh, let the lil chef help; even though your cookie might end up being a gooey splatter on the foil.

Bake at 170 degree Celcius for 13 minutes (if your oven have the fan function with top and bottom heat). If not, you probably have to rotate the cookies at 6 minute interval to make sure every part is baked thoroughly.

Ta-daaa....and there you have it, the mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies which is delightfully crunchy and sinfully chocolatey.

The cookies might be a bit soft, so let it cool for about two minutes.

And oh, if your cookies still looked like a lil bit soggy and not so crunchy, try flipping them and shove them in the oven for another 5 minutes.

Important tips :

1) Make sure the butter and sugar mixture is mixed until fluffy.
2) Put extra chocolate chip or chopped dark chocolate if you like. Or raisins, or dates, or macadamia, or pecans. Yumm!
3) Make sure the oven is hot before putting in the first batch of cookies.
4) Use aluminium foils or baking paper. This will save you a lot of cleaning time. :)

Happy baking!

Friday, July 26, 2013

There are moments...

There are moments you threw quite a hissy fit,
there are moments you refuse to eat.

There are moments I'm at my wits end,
deciphering your language which is difficult to comprehend.

There are moments you make me feel like a bad mother,
for losing my patience and making you suffer.

There are moments you cry for no reason,
and those moments are not very pleasant.

But then again,

There are moments you touch my face with your tiny hands,
as a way to dissipate my anger and make amends.

There are moments you came for a cuddle,
that would make my heart melt into a puddle.

There are moments you flash your one-million-dollar smile,
that makes everything seems so worthwhile.

There are moments you shower me with kisses,
those moments remind me that you're the one my heart misses.

You are the cause of my frustration (sometimes!) and the source of my happiness.
I really love you, my lil button.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cute as a button..

Introducing my button :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Vaccinations smchaccinations :)

So. To vaccine or not to vaccine. I believe that is the question of the day now.

I read Dr Halina's blog regarding this and I must say, the article was very well written and tactful. It doesn't condemn parents that chose to forgo vaccinations, it merely states the disadvantages of doing so. The article in Dr Harlina's blog came from a friend of hers, a pediatrician, somebody who actually holds a qualification for saying what she says.

What I find surprising is when I share the article in a group in facebook, one of the member commented that "if this article from DR. HARLINA HALIZAH SIRAJ, i can accept. but it's not. so i won't."

Wow. Just wow. Now, if the commenter is somebody with sound medical background, I would not have taken offense. But dude, you are somebody who sells beauty product. Now how would you feel if I were to say the same about you?

I believe that this issue, stems on the very fact that some people just like to be different for the sake of being different. Its like going mainstream is uncool and would somehow minimize their presence in the world. I'm sure we have encountered this kind of person at one point of our life. The person who wears peplum blinged baju kurung to a meeting instead of the usual boring black suits, or the person who spray their car shocking pink because blue/black would have been too...normal.

But vaccines have adverse effect, it is not halal, my child got autism after being vaccinated or so they say. I don't mind reading comments based on own experiences. Don't give me the bullshit "my friend's ex-colleague's daughter-in-law's niece have autism after being injected with the MMR vaccine". You want people to believe you, give me some hard facts, not hearsay.

And then there were this group of people who would say things like "back in the days of Rasulullah SAW, no vaccines were required....there are syubhah ingredients in the vaccines administered". To me, this is the worst kind of people. I mean, using religion as an excuse? 

I am a muslim, and I have complete faith in the teachings of my religion, but to forgo modern medicine completely? I'd say that's stupid. Hah.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bandung trip and rotavirus :(

We went to Bandung last couple of weeks. My small family (hubby, me and kids) went with a dear friend of mine and we stayed in the family suite at Arion Swiss Belhotel. Bandung have a special place in my heart, for I always have "amazing" experience going to Bandung, both good and bad.

2004 - company trip.
amazing good experience : won the treasure hunt and become a millionaire ;p
amazing bad experience : returned home with the worst case of food poisoning.

2011 - sisters + hubby trip.
amazing good experience : ermm...not so much. shopping i guess.
amazing bad experience : pregnant-first trimester-vomiting non-stop in the car

2013 - family trip (with Sara and Dina)
amazing good experience : Aria Jeans. haha.
amazing bad experience : rotavirus. Boo!

If I could say two words to convince you to go to Bandung, those two words would be Aria Jeans. Haha. I ordered a black chino and a simple blue boot cut jeans for less than RM110. And the best part was I made 3 jeans for Sara (I can never find ready made jeans that can fit her ;p) which costs me less than RM100. Bliss!! Aria Jeans is situated in Jl. Merdeka and they can customized your order in 1 day.  All our order are ready the very next day and alteration can be done as quick as 1 hour. All for a fraction of a price. Tell me whats not to love about that.

Other things in Bandung are same old, same old. I left the kids with hubby while I went crazy at Pasar Baru. Hehe. I really went crazy until I didn't even bought anything for myself. *facepalm* Haish!

All seems well until the second night, my friend's daughter starts vomiting every half an hour. It got worse in the morning when she started to develop diarrhea. We suspected food poisoning, but nobody else seems to be affected. Hubby and I paid extra attention to the kids, in case they caught it too, but luckily they were well and healthy throughout the trip.

The kids playing at the airport

BUT. Yeah, sadly there's a but to this story. But, once we returned home, in fact two days after we returned home, hubby suddenly woke up having with churning stomach and had diarrhea soon after. Dismissing it as perhaps jet lag or fatigue, I went to work as usual. And then, I received a text from my friend saying that their doctor confirmed that her daughter was infected with rotavirus. Not long after that, I received a call from my mother saying that Dina has started vomiting.

The doctor advised us to keep Dina hydrated and rush her to the emergency should we see any sign of dehydration (sunken eyes, sunken abdomen, weakness, dry mouth). At this time, Sara is still okay and we pray that she wont get infected. But, as the day goes by, Sara started to complain of a stomachache and started vomiting. Oy! 

The evil rotavirus has seeped in and until today has managed to wreak havoc on the health of both my babies, my husband and now my father. So yeah, we did bring back a very "nice" souvenir from Bandung after all :)

P/S : Both children are fully recovered after 4 days. Alhamdulillah...
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