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Monday, November 10, 2014

Its been so long...I don't even know where to begin

Lets see..

I last wrote about my pregnancy..well obviously I'm no longer pregnant now. I had delivered a beautiful baby boy, he's now seven months young and has started eating solids. Hah! Seems like I was gone for almost a year. So, here's an update of everything:-

1) Pregnancy/Delivery

Had the same old experience. Got myself checked in, got induced, felt the contraction pain, dilation was progressing.

Until this happen : My water broke, had VE, was informed that he is now in breech position, barely had time to recover from the shock when I suddenly felt the urge to push, docs are frantically asking me to withhold the pushing, I was like a maniac screaming "I need to push now", they urgently pushed me into the OT for an emergency Csect, I felt like dying, they administered the anesthesia and I remembered going " this is why they chose Csect".

Seriously, getting that anesthesia was the best thing that happened in my life. Haha. First I felt this excruciating pain like my body was split into two, and then suddenly I felt nothing. No pain. Oh the bliss.

2) Post partum recovery

Oh my god. Had the worst two weeks of recovery. Depended on painkillers around the clock. Googled everything about Csect recovery and found comfort in knowing that I wasn't the only one suffering from the after effects of Csect. I don't know about you, but I was in pain all the time, in fact, moving myself from one position to another seems like a daunting task.

Good news - the pain subsided after 2 weeks, I can function like normal people and hey presto! breastfeeding was easier this time around. Didn't have all the cracked and bleeding nipple and my baby feeds like a champion.

3) The baby

My boy. My protector.

Addeen Qushairy

How is having a boy different from having two girls?


He is definitely not an easy baby *sigh* Don't take this the wrong way, despite everything, I'm grateful he's well and he's mine. Its just that he takes so much of me and my energy, I've shrunk into fitting my old pants and less.

He's lucky he got that one million dollar smile complete with dimple and a cleft chin that each time I'm pushed beyond my limit, one look at his amazing big eyes somehow melts my frustration.

Come to think about it, all the worries I had voiced out in my previous post was not unfounded. In fact, you can even call it like some sort of premonition. Haish. Wish I'd been more positive, then maybe I would have had a more positive experience, wouldn't I?

I shall stop here with a promise to myself to update more regularly. We live only once, and my memory is not as sturdy as a hard disk, better make it permanent by jotting it here, right?


lovelywa said...

haaa..baru laa nampak yg boy nih..besar dah dia..

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