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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Wow..this post was drafted like aeons ago..I wonder why I didn't publish it. Hmph..cant remember why, so here goes :)

The thing is, now Sara is almost six now, and all of these happened when she was four/five years old. Reading this...I get a lil bit emotional inside because Sara nowadays is more like a grumpy teenager rather than a cute talkative little girl like this post depicts.


With Sara, everyday we have random conversation that tickles here's to recap those conversation for memory's keepsake


(neighbour's bibik came to our house crying, she had a massive fight with her employer. We didn't dare to intervene, of course, but didn't have the heart to chase her out from our front yard because it was raining and she had nowhere else to go)

Sara : Mummy, why the bibik is crying in front there?
Me : The bibik and the *neighbour* is having a crisis
Sara : What's a crisis?
Me : A crisis is when you fight really hard with somebody and both become very angry and nobody wants to apologize
Sara : Oooohhh

Several moments later..

Sara : Mummy, the bibik is still there. *neighbour* still doesn't want to compromise ke?
Mummy : LMAO. Yes, I think they will need some time to cool down first.

Hehe. I taught her the word compromise a few months back. I didn't think that she'd know how to use the word, but amazingly she did...and in the right context as well. *proud*


Sara has inherited my slight okay fine, severe aversion of cats. Last Friday, we had lunch at some odd place while waiting for my dad to finish his Friday prayer and there were cats all around. I put on my brave face and pretended like the cats didn't bother me while Sara was clinging on to me for dear life. Haha. But you know cats, they can smell the fear and kept crawling back to us.

Sara : (with tears brimming in her eyes) Mummy, why la you bring me to this horrible place?

I pitied her, but her choice of words and her expression at that time was too funny, I end up laughing instead.


I was in the bathroom when I heard Sara entered the room and started rummaging with my books. Peeked out and saw she was lying down on the bed when she suddenly sees me.

Sara : Mummy, I'm trying to tell story to Marut and Zozo (yeah, she has imaginary friends with very peculiar names)
Me : Ok. i'm in the bathroom, just call me if you need anything ok.
Sara : Ok.

Several moments later, I heard Sara started to tell her story.

Sara : Marut, Zozo, I tell story ok. The story is "The End of a lovely day".

I immediately got tears in my eyes (blame the hormones) because the title was very sweet. The story was ridiculously imaginative as usual, but the title was really sweet and made me want to write a book on that title. Ha.


The entire family (sans my dad) was present during my 3d/4d scan. We got to see the gender of the baby, and the tech told us "see, you will be having a boy. you can see the bebird clearly in this picture"

Sara was really excited and told everybody about it.

Sara : Totok, rugi la you didn't follow us to scan Mummy's stomach just now. The doctor said that its a boy because can see the bebird.
Totok : What's a bebird?
Sara : Ala..its the thing that all boy have. Same like yours and babah.
Totok : *blushed*
Everyone else almost died of laughter. Tee hee.


Sara : Mummy, how big is the baby inside ur stomach now?
Me : Showed her my hand. I think its this big
Sara : How big is the baby inside Ciksu's stomach?
Me : Showed her my pinky
Sara : Ooh...Big like Paksu's mole?


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