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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Much love :*


My lovely adorable little irrepressible daughter....Where shall I start?

Shall I start with how you have blossomed into this talkative little girl, complete with your cute way of talking...You can't pronounce the letter s and these are some of your memorable dialogue only certain people can understand :

"Mummy, I want ma-mo-tof"
"Kakak got gin pes"
"Why Ali kai po no nyijen"

Or shall I start with the fact that you still refuse to be toilet trained, you didn't even care that you were already drenched with your own pee?

Or maybe start with the fact that you have this cute little gaps in your teeth, that when you smile, you become this cute litte rabbit :)

Or the way you really hated cold water, you'd prefer to stand beside and cheered for Sara in the swimming pool, rather than join in the fun with her...

Or the way you sulk everyime I came back from work and didn't hold to your hand...

But it doesn't matter though,

Because I shall end with how you have this special place in my heart, a tiny pedestal reserved only for you to occupy.

I love all of my children but perhaps Dina a little bit more. Haha. I know I'm not supposed to say that, but at this age, she's the one that got my heart tied up to her pretty little finger. She's just soooo lovable, its hard to not love her more.

I don't feel guilty though, I felt the same way when Sara was at this age and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love Addeen just as much :)


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