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Monday, April 30, 2012

Missing you...

I was supposed to be on leave today. And we were supposed to go back to Kuantan.

But due to some inconsiderate people creating the so-called peaceful rally, I had to be on duty yesterday. And I had to work today. Yawn.

So, we decided that only hubby and Sara will go back to Kuantan. I suggested it actually, I think it would be good for them, for the much needed father-daughter bonding time.

They went back by bus and I didn't send them to the bus station, for fear that Sara will cry and not wanting to go on the bus. I keep texting hubby to make sure a lot of things i.e maki
ng sure she had lunch/dinner/snacks, making sure she bathed/changed/pooped ;) and there was this one time, I called him just to make sure that he didn't leave Sara with strangers even though that person appear trustworthy. I think he got bored and a little pissed by the little faith that I have in him..haha

So, anyway, I have been avoiding talking to Sara, because I fear she'll cry but actually, deep down inside, I fear that she's having sooo much fun, she will not want to talk to me and she doesn't miss me. At all. :( But, last night, because I miss hearing her voice sooooooooooo much, I called her.

Me : Hello sayang...
My husband quickly take the phone and tried to console her (They were at a shopping mall, eating ice-cream. Hehe.)

I got a little teary...because I miss her so bad. Hehe...its really different when I am the one leaving her (go outstation or whatever) compared to this sinking feeling when she's the one leaving me.

Sara, mummy misses you too...can't wait to see you tomorrow ;)


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