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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little girl in heaven...

A very dear friend of mine lost her baby last Thursday. And it hit me really hard, because her baby was the same age as Dina, in fact they were born only 4 days apart.

Her baby passed away due to asphyxia, but doctors couldn't determine the source of breathing interruption. It was not because of the milk aspiration or anything blocking the airway, the baby just passed away peacefully in her sleep.

When I first found out, I thought it was just a sick joke somebody made up. Upon discovering that it was in fact true, my husband and I immediately went to her house in Balakong.

The first thing she said to me was that our babies are of the same age, we cried together and hugged for the longest time. She had just bought identical baju Raya for the kids and the most heartbreaking thing of all, is that she is still breastfeeding.

Despite her grief, I can see that she's trying to be strong for the sake of her elder daughter who is incidentally Sara's age. Before going back, she whispered to me "Please have a look at her, she's so beautiful" and my heart broke into a million pieces.

I gathered my strength, as I looked into the innocent and angelic little face. I gave her a little kiss on the cheek, being careful so that my tears won't drop on her. She was perfect, her face totally serene and at peace with everything.

Dear Azila, I know I can't say that I understand how you must be feeling, but please know that all of your friends are right here with you and we pray that you and your family will get through this.

Adlina Nur Farhana, even though your time is short in this world, you have brought joy and happiness to your umi, walid, kakak and all your family. Do not be sad, for you will be reunited in Heaven. Al-Fatihah.


lovelywa said...

aduhh sedih plak dengarnye..kite yg dah ada anak ni bole tahu cemane sedihnye bile kehilangan anak kan..moga arwah tenang di sana..

Azlina Wahab said...

sista, u forgot one more fact, she was born a day before ur birthday, huhuhu... tqvm for ur support & this very fine entry abt Hana... btw i've already change my blog to

pHatMuMMy said...

yep, dearie hana is born on 24th kan? sabar ye zila...

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