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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Understanding everything...

Sara has always understand simple instructions that we gave her. Since she has now started walking, we gave her more difficult instructions such as "Sara, go and throw this in the dustbin" - she will walk to the dustbin in the living room beside the cabinet to throw the rubbish. *likes*

Or, when she finishes her milk, "Sara, go and put your bottle in the kitchen sink". Well, she couldn't reach the sink, so there is always somebody there to help her *also likes*

But, my favourite of all is "Sara, go and take a pillow for Mummy. Mummy want to sleep" and she will take the sofa's brown pillow and give it to me. Ha!


noniey said...

wah bagusnya sara ni..sara kena rajin2 tolong mommy.. leh mommy naikkan jadi gemuk skit.. hehehee

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