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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sara : 14 months

Recording a child's update is not as easy as I thought it would be. I always forgot to update her development in the blog and I always forgot to snap pictures of her doing every cute little thing.

It is also frustrating because the sole reason I started blogging is to record every phase of her life. Seeing how forgetful I am, this will serve as a record on how I mature as a mother and most importantly, how she grows as a person .

Let's see, at 13 months, she can walk with confidence, she even mimicks jumping. She's also is such a copycat, she mimicks everything we did for example atuk coughing, babah sleeping (yeah, she mimicks her babah snoring!), atuk driving the car, nenek getting up from the floor and lots more. (Note to self : no more fighting in front of her! ;p)

Oh, and I totally forgot about the identification of body parts. She actually knows her ears, nose, eyes, hair, mouth, tounge and stomach at 10 months! Now she's move on to more complicated gestures such as brushing her teeth, putting her index finger to her mouth to shhhh! and do the thumbs up for sedap.

All of us are seriously surprised that she has a very clear grasp on all the things we teach her. I mean, I myself could never do the thumbs up until I was almost 2 (according to my mum. heh) And she demands to have her hands and mouth washed after she eats. And she loves to eat chocolate soooo much, she's even willing to go and get her chocolate from her Pak Uda who she's terrified of.

However, despite her advanced development in physical and intelligence, I think she is going to be a late talker. Up until now, the words that she utters with meaning is NAK, DAP (for sedap), NENEK, KAKAK and BABA. Oh well, guess we can't have it all. But I do intend to enjoy this moment because I know once she starts to talk, I will have to watch my temper answering her endless questions ;)

The domestic goddess??


noniey said...

betul2.. bila dia dah start cakap.. n banyak tanya.. memang tak larat sangat nak jawab.. time tu kalau bleh nak je suh dia stop cakap.. huhuh

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