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Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy's shattered resolution :(

When I first started this blog, I promised to myself that I will record all my little angel's progress including even mundane things like when she first look me in the eye, or when she first successfully put her hand in her mouth. But I didn't even blog when she first roll to her side, let alone when she first successfully roll on her stomach. Yes people, my precious little angel is all grown up....she can roll on her stomach in record time....she knows how to wiggle her hand from under her belly and can prop her head for quite some time without support. Guess its time for the compulsory pose of our family...eheheheh....

Mommy is so very busy with work lately....This is what happen when you have a kiss-a$$ supervisor :( trying his damnest to impress his supervisor...bluekkkk!!

Anyway, back to more happy story, Mommy will leave her busy work for one whole week to be with her angel (Sara's babysitter applied for leave, so I have to take leave from work as well...yeay!) I'm planning to give Sara her first ever solid food during this weekend. Hope that goes well... :)

P/S - a mental note for myself...-must update blog and put lotsa picture of Sara...MUST!!


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