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Monday, July 12, 2010

Confessions of a non-shopaholic

You see, I grew up in a middle-class family. And by middle-class, I mean that we often do not have the luxury of extravagant purchases. And I guess, being frugal back then has really stuck to me until now. I used to shop (not a lot) back in my uni years, but not anymore.

Shopping requires money, which is something I do not have to spare during my early years of working. The previous company I worked for is cakap-nak-bayar-gaji-2.5k-tapi-bayar-1k je-pastu-bila-nak-benti-offer-gaji-3k-tapi tak-bagi-pun. I'll admit, it's my fault. I was naively fooled by their empty promises.

But that experience really taught me to save money. For example, I have only four handbag since year 2003 (one from Padini, then my hubby bought me a Sembonia handbag, then my sister bought me a Guess handbag, and now I'm wearing an Esprit handbag - also present from hubby which I have worn since Sara was born). My first handphone was the big-ass 3310 in 2004, later I traded that for Nokia 6600 and then hubby gave me a Sony Ericsson W660i which I am still using until now.

My wardrobe collection is nothing to be proud of and my toiletries and makeup collection are even worst. I used to put makeup on when I go out during my uni years, but now, I hardly put on powder on my face.
I only put on makeup when going to wedding or special event. I promised myself that I'm going to at least put on make up before going to work but that only lasted for 1+ year. I used pregnancy as an excuse after that.

This week, I'm going to buy an eyeliner. And moisturizer. And new lippie (I think the ones that I have is past its expiry date already). And some eyeshadow. Its about time my eyes got reacquainted with colours again.

With this entry, I am making a promise, I am going to live up to my blog name. Phat, not fat. Being phat.

I can see some people rolling their eyes and said "We'll see how long that will last". To those people, I say...pffftttt. ;p


didi said...


I've been wearing my make up exactly the same since I was 20.

Concealer, powder, blusher, eyeliner. I have eyeliners in every color; black, brown, blue, gree, purple; you name it because its my best friend.

I feel naked without it. Like without my 'winged-ink; on my lides, no one would be able to recognise me.

pHatMuMMy said...

The two things I never wore as makeup is concealer and blusher. Heeee...

I put on lipstick today, and I managed to swipe some eyeshadow. Yeay!!! Here's to hoping this "kerajinan" will prevail :)

didi said...

when i said 'lides', what I really meant is lids. In case someone wonders how abnormal I am (or they are) because they dont have 'lides'.

Just to clear the air and avoid panic.


pHatMuMMy said...

haha...i think everyone understands...what with the pregnancy brain and all...

actually, i was really wacky during my pregnancy. I would start to say something and forgot about it mere minutes later. I would also say really ridiculous thing and got mad if anybody corrected me. Ha!

on a side note, really love the maternity dress u showed in the blog. post up the pics when u wear them ok.. :)

pHatMuMMy said...

Didi dearie,

I just realize that your are didi aka diyana, not dd aka khatijah. huwaaaa, i thought u were somebody else! that's why i made the remark of you being pregnant and whatnot. Silly me! Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Sorry! Guess my pregnancy brain really did stuck to me!

Note to self : didi = diyana, dd = kat (my sidang-mate).

Piza said...

babe, i used to be non shopaholic too due surviving solely on jaypeeya scholar and single incomed parents. Tapi.... lepas tu masa mengandung aku gile shopping barang baby + furniture rumah..sekarang dah pandai beli beg mahal pulak...aku kene bertaubat sempena bulan ramadhan ni hehe

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