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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sara : 19 months

Actually, this draft took me sooo long to post, I had to change the title from "Sara : 18months" to "Sara : 19 months" (Bad Mummy!)

Weight : 12.5 kgs ++ (this was last month, now it's closer to 14kgs)
Height : 89 cm (I'm pretty sure she got taller because her last months pants are hanging by the ankle already)
Teeth : She got 4 pairs of front teeth and 2 pairs of molars!

Identification of body parts and other things

Last time, I only asked her "where's your stomach?", or "where's your head" and she'll point. Nowadays, I point and she'll say the words. She also knows most of the things at home. Now, we're trying to teach her colours. So far, everything is "bwu" to her. *bwu=blue. Owh, Nenek bought a big poster of fruits and she can point to all the fruits and she can say "papaya" perfectly. She can't say banana though.

"Bred" for "bread""Kyu" for thank you
and lots more, I can't remember

Kiss mummy....emmm-mmaahhh
At 18 months, she can wear her own slipper! She can also recognize all the different types of button on the mini keyboard. She can also open the gate! On her own! (Which is really dangerous, since my house is directly facing the main road)

Notice how long her hair actually is??


She feels so much concern for us. For example, the other day she saw I was massaging my dad's aching feet, so I told her that "Atuk pain. Sara don't be a naughty girl. Atuk cannot carry you today". So, the next day Atuk came back from work, she immediately goes to get the hot oil, pull me by the hand, asks me to sit beside Atuk and insisted me to rub the oil. Heh.

Toilet training

As for her toilet training, nothing really change drastically. I'm fairly confident to bring her out without diapers, and she does seem to behave very well every time we went out. BUT, the moment she's surrounded by her favourite people (Nenek, CikNgah, CikSu, Atuk), she will definitely act up and always refuses to go to the toilet. I've lost my temper quite a few times also, but that's another story to tell another time :)

This is her most recent picture


.Dd LaLa. said...

geram tengok rambut tebal sara!

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