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Monday, August 30, 2010

I hate it when my work consumes my life...

When I got married,I have made a deal with my job. I will never put my job ahead of my family. Especially when I have kids.

Well, the sad truth is, for the past couple of months, I have let THE JOB rule my life. Okay, maybe not my life but my thoughts and emotions are often influenced by my work. Gahhhh!!! I'd come back home feeling frustrated and wound-up, all because of what had happened in the office.

It's almost three am and I'm still up, doing my meeting minutes. And my head is a jumble of thoughts, all with regards to THE JOB. Worst yet, I am constantly thinking on what more points to put in my never ending concept paper. My head is so full of ideas that I sometimes feel overwhelmed. And my desk is such a mess, I wouldn't be surprised if one day I drown in it.

It has come to an extent where I currently have a pen and book with me at all times to jot down things and ideas. I SO DON'T WANT TO BECOME LIKE THIS. And sometimes, when my mind is thinking about the tasks I left in the office, I didn't give my little angel the full attention that she needs. :(

I have a meeting scheduled tomorrow but I'm on leave. Yeah, I AM NOT LETTING MY JOB RULE MY LIFE. Ha!


shah said...

been there done that, know how u feel :(

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