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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ramadhan 2010

I just realize that I haven't made an entry about Ramadhan this year. Part of it is because my work kept me sooo busy, I didn't even realize Ramadhan is nearing to the end.

This Ramadhan, I embark on another project "Chocolate Chip Cookies Project". Actually, chocolate chip and I, we go way back. My chocolate chip cookies is what saved me from near bankruptcy back in the days when I was jobless. I still remembered, my dad gave me about RM1k to buy an oven and the necessary things to begin my project. This was in Ramadhan year 2006, I had already quit my old job without actually getting a new job. That year alone, I managed to sell about 200+ jars of cookies and I got to "beraya" despite the lack of financial incomes. I even have my own special sticker :

This year, I decided to re-start the project again. But, this time around, I have to be realistic. I could not bake all-out like I did past four years, what with my job and the little angel at home. So, I took about 75++ orders and last weekend was the last batch I had to make. Whew!! I'm so glad I managed to finish all the orders.

To top that off, I have been getting a few cupcakes orders, but all the decoration was done by my youngest sister, who is currently jobless. Hey, we got that in common, I was jobless in Ramadhan too. I have also another three pending cupcake set and two red velvet cake to be delivered tomorrow. Gasp! And right now, I'm still in the office, working, blogging, helping hubby with his thesis.

Yeah, life is busy. But its still good. And I'm blessed. With a very supportive and loving family.


yurn said...

oitss tak cakap pun.. aku ni peminat choc chips tegar:P

pHatMuMMy said... that you know, len kali boleh la tempah :)

and I welcome any recommendation and suggestion from pemakan choc chips tegar :)

noriz said...

leh delivery luar kl tak? how much does it cost?

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