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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sara : Random update

1. I was making cupcakes the other night and she insisted on helping. I told her that Mummy is making cake and she replied "Cupcake?" with perfect pronunciation.

2. Sara was wearing a pink t-shirt and I was wearing a red t-shirt. So, I asked her "What colour is your shirt?" "Bwu..." she says. I insisted "No, look first. Look at your shirt. What colour is it?" She looked down and said "Pink" with a very cheeky smile. I thought it was coincidence so I pointed to my shirt and asked her what colour is it. She said "Red". I pointed to something green, I forgot what it was and she said correctly "Gweeeen". Maybe its normal for a 20-months old kid to say that, but as a biased mummy, I think she's a genius! :)

3. Overheard in the kitchen "No sara, you cannot eat this. This is spicy food" and then I hear a verrryyy cute little voice saying "Nighty put". Spicy food = Nighty put. Geddit? Haha.

4. She cried in the middle of the night due to her runny nose, so I carried her and try to calm her down. She stopped crying and I called hubby to take her from me because I really needed to go to the toilet. I said "Baba, take her for a while please. I need to go to the toilet" Suddenly, she wailed on top of her lungs "Nanak ci-ci. Yaya nanak ci-ci. Cold" I had to
gently explain to her that I am not bringing her to the toilet, I am going to the toilet. "No, not you. Mummy want to go ci-ci" It took a while to calm her down. Heh.

5. Hubby bought Sara a Barney CD and since then, she's addicted to it. There's this one scene involving an owl. So, when the scene is nearing, she will quickly find somebody for example "CikSu, come. Bird. Big eyes. Scared Yaya" complete with covering her eyes.

6. Everytime we go in the car, she'll definitely demand "Mummy, nak na-wo" and minutes after that "Mummy, nak nunu" Na-wo is her strawberry pillow and nunu is her pacifier.

7. She adds the syllable na to EVERY word. For example slipper become na-per, biscuits becomes na-ket, elephant doll becomes na-phant, Tok Bah becomes Na-bah, alamak becomes na-mak.

8. Oh, nowadays she's really lazy to go to the bathroom, she asked to wear diapers "Mummy, nanak ci-ci. Cold. Na-pers. Yaya wear. Nak na-pers" Na-pers = Diapers. She always uses the "cold" excuse to avoid going to the toilet.

9. HUbby's parents in Kuantan have three tank of aquarium full with very fierce and angry fish. They would jump and bang their head every time people come near them. I don't go near them because I am concerned for their well-being (okay, fine, I don't go near them because I'm scared they'll jump out and eat me). But, Sara loves to watch the fishes, so she'd always watch them with hubby or her Tok Bah. The moment I love most is when the fish starts to jump, she'll run over to me and said "Mummy, mummy...big fish. Jump. Scared Yaya. Mummy come. Big fish". Heee...

10. My mother has been teaching her good manners such as requesting for things nicely instead of whining and crying. So, the other day while she was eating her rice, after a couple of bites, she said "Nenek, nanak wice. Yaya nanak. Nak na-ket plis. Na-ket nak. Plis. Plis" It was sooo sweet. When she uses that voice with the term "plis, plis" she can get away with anything, I tell you!


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