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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sara's prominent features

Everywhere we go, the thing that people would comment about my little angel is usually :

Her mop of thick, black hair


Her big round eyes
and, do I have a specific thing that I did during pregnancy to ensure she have those features?
Yup, I did.

I just watch a lot of anime. Heh.
See that mohawk black hair and big eyes? Hihi...(Mommy *heart* Sasuke-kun, eventhough he became a baddie ;P)


.D d L a L a. said...

adorable ok... my son mata bulat, but his hair isn't that thick anymore.

yurn said...

oits geng saringan eyes ke hehe..

suraiya said said...

hi che yan....
aku pembaca dlam diam
mmg nice eyes...wish to have one...heheh

pHatMoMMy said...

seb baik jadik macam sasuke, kalau jadik cam naruto, rambut oren, mata biru lagi haru...hahaha

pHatMoMMy said...

hi sue...apsal baca dalam diam je...tinggal2 la komen...lama tak dgr cite ko...

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