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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bibik - extra help or extra work?

I have heard soooo many talks about having a bibik (maid) in the house. Some agrees that its good having an extra set of hands around, some argues that teaching the maid to be competent is a hard task on its own. Honestly, if it was up to me, I am somewhat reluctant to have a maid living in the house (macamla rajin sangat ;p). But, one look at my mom's exhausted face every time we reach home after work convinced me that we do need a maid to help her around the house.

We have gotten our maid for two weeks now, and she's like God's gift from heaven. The first day she came, we gave her some time to adjust but already she insisted on cleaning every room. Heh! The next day, she vacuum and mop the entire house. Then, she clean every room and she does all the cleaning with an enthusiastic spirit, and the best thing is, we don't even have to ask!

Of course, we paid quite a hefty sum to get her, but I'm glad to say that each cent is well spent. Even Sara can get along with her (and we all know that Sara hates strangers!). She's also a fast learner, for example, she caught us ALWAYS talking to Sara in simple English instead of Malay, so the first time I left Sara and bibik alone (I was actually spying from upstairs), I caught her playing with Sara and singing twinkle-twinkle, brother john and when Sara started crying, she would soothe her and say, "Sara, don't cry...come, we see bird" and carry Sara to the backyard to hear the birds chirping.

Okay, I know it has only been two weeks and she is still on her best behaviour but I believe she is sincere and again, thank God we have her. Having said that, until now, we haven't left her alone with Sara in the house. I guess I'm not ready to do that just yet.


Wawa said...

reading your entry is helpful. it brings hope to me since i need to resort to maid in one week time.

though daily maid pun, but having stranger at home sudah cukup melemaskan.


thanks again.

pHatMoMMy said...

lots of prayer also helps once u decide to have a maid ;)

just pray that at least u have a maid u can trust...good luck to u and ur upcoming journey with a maid ;)

.D d L a L a. said...

yantie, i did a lot of prayer too before i received my previous maid. i don't know what went wrong she buat perangai because of her personal problem... (gila B*t*ng). we sent her off with so much anger in our heart.

but one thing i learn, never take the risk of hiring maid from non established agent. bayar mahal tak pe janji hati senang...

sometime i have to agree, money can also buy your peace of mind. (in this maid scenario at least)

yurn said...

bikbik aku pun dulu camtu. the first few months - wallah!!! tak payah nak suruh2. sampai kita plak rimas tengok dia asyik buat keje tak benti2.

dah masuk setahun lebih dah berani naik suara, keje malas dan berkira. dah nak balik indon lagii la. basuh periuk nasi pun boleh "lupa". jangan bagi muka kat derang ni. biar ada gap pekerja-majikan tu.

pHatMoMMy said... yang takut ni...mintak2la bibik aku tu tak berubah perangainya...memula dia nk panggil aku kakak, panggil adik aku adik, tapi kitorg tak bagi, suro dia panggil aku puan (kira mcm kat ofis la hehe) tapi last2, dia panggil aku cik yantie, adik aku cik yanie...tu je cara nk buat ada gap sket, biar dia tahu kita ni majikan dia...

ish...harap2 la dia ok sampai ke sudah...

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