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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Clingy Sara

My Sara is now at a separation anxiety phase. She'll cry on stranger's arm. She cried when we were back in Kuantan for Raya. She even cried on her babysitter's arm. Perhaps it was because she now lives with Nenek and the familiar faces she sees everyday is only Mommy, Babah, Atuk and Cik Ngah.

During Raya, I have to hold her all the time. See the above pic, she's crying because I am the one taking the pic and she wanted her Mommy. I'm not complaining though, I just feel sort of guilty towards her Mak Tok and hubby's family. I read somewhere that this separation anxiety phase will last until she is one year old.
Don't tell anyone but I'm secretly loving it though :) (helps me to avoid doing household chores. Haha)

These last few days, Sara is obsessive with her Atuk. She'll cry every morning when Atuk goes to work and her face lits up every evening Atuk came home. She even cries when we try to take her off Atuk's arm. She's so lucky she has that gorgeous, huge, sparkling eyes that can melt your heart.

On another note, she can now wave bye-bye, make aeroplane sound and scrunching her nose if we say "bad smell". She also still remembers to clap her hands EVERYTIME we sing pok amai-amai, and pat her chest when we ask "where is adlyna qaisara?" BUT she no longer dance to sounds of music. As for her physical development:

can she crawl? NO.
can she hold on to something and try to stand? NO.
can she hold her own milk bottle? NO.
yeah, she's a lazybum ;p


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