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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sara in her little car

To's a picture of the place where I bought Sara's Maclaren. The name is Chicco Italy (near Jusco) in One Utama Shopping Centre. They also sell the Quinny Zapp for RM799 (also cheapest that I can find).

To Yana aka Abek, here's pics of your one and only niece smiling happily in her little car :)

~ The excited little angel ~

~ The more excited parents...hihi ~


noniey said...

memang kita mak2 ni yang sebenarnya terlebih excited. tu belum lagi kalau gi mall mana2, mesti sume toys yang ada kita nak beli. hehehe

Haryana Sidin said...

kelakar gile muke Sara!
mcm muke nakal pon ade

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