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Friday, April 10, 2009

Tribute to Cik Ngah aka Yanie aka Angah

I've been meaning to write this tribute a long time ago, but knowing me, I procrastinate as long as I can. I meant to finish this in time for her birthday, but 5th February was long gone...heh. Anyway, Angah was the second child in the family. And it's true what they say about the second child, we use to butt head over a lot of things when we were small. I in particular, wasn't fond of having somebody else steal all the attention lavished on me. (My bad.)

She was a very adorable child. (Some people said that Sara resembles her) She has this most gorgeous dimple that is apparent everytime she smiles.

She was a very timid child. I guess its because she has a very loud sister (huhu). She has always been the beautiful one but she went through a major physical phase in her life (involving a very wild hair and plump figure..haha) which we like to call "zaman gelap angah". I can't find it in my heart to post her picture during that transitional time (hihi...that's how bad she looked then)

She didn't shine academically during primary and secondary school but ironically, she was the one that never fails to get 3-pointer during uni. I guess she found her calling in accountancy. I know that she often felt that my parents are always comparing us but trust me, (now that I'm a parent), Mama and Papa never intentionally compared us in any way. They love you for who you are, not for what you would become. Look at you now, more successful than ever.

She has a very big heart and with that comes her big head. Hehe, that combined with my ridiculous temper always resulted in our disagreement over a lot of things. Luckily, even though we butt head a lot, both of us remain as close as ever. Compared to all us three sisters, she was the one closest to my dad. Probably because she was the one who resembles my mom the most.
She has a lot of admirers. I think she had like two serious relationship and currently, I'm not quite sure whether she is seeing someone or not. Her priority in life now is her work and family. She spoil Sara with a lot of gifts and most of the clothes she bought are too big for her. Hehe, she just couldn't understand why Sara couldn't fit into all those clothes. Mekacih cik ngah, nanti Sara besar, Sara pakai baju cik ngah bagi ni...mesti comelll

I'm not sure how she feels about my hubby but they get along fine. We can hang out together all the time. We have very similar taste in movies and once, we spent an entire night watching anime (of course me and angah actually watched the anime while hubby dozed off :p). One more thing that she have in common with hubby is their fascination towards games. She loves playing games on hubby's PSP and PS2 (before those were stolen...damn u robbers!!)
She has a fetish for shoes and loves heels. She use to wear flats all the time until one day, she develop an instant liking to high heeled shoes/sandals. One more thing that must be mentioned with her is that she never hesitate to spend money on us. Since she's earning the most with the least amount of commitment, she always treat us gifts and dining out.

Among us three sisters, she is hardly the most organized nor the most fond of cleanliness. HOWEVER, she was the one that can't stand the smell of Sara's poop. Haha. During the first week (when Sara's poo-poo is blackish and has a very pungent smell) she puke the first time she saw her niece's poop.

To Angah, I love you sooo much and I wish you all the success in the world. Although sometimes I know that you hated my unfair temperaments, thank you for remaining close and supportive.No matter what people say, to me you are beautiful, inside and outside (but you would more beautiful if you wake up at decent hour during weekend :p ~kidding~)

I wish that you will find a man that will love you unconditionally because let's face it, you are quite difficult to please...hehe...But, no matter what, I want you to know that I'll always support your decision and I will try my best to respect whatever decision you make in your life. Eventhough I may not agree with the way you handle things, I will certainly try my best to respect and support them.

I love you...Sara loves you and Abedie loves you too and we want nothing but only the best for you...muahhhhsssss.....


noniey said...

wah bestnya ada adik yang sporting n 1 kepala...

izzat said...

yehoooo sara pe kabo?
akak hasya kat cini sihat..

amacam jadi x nak photoshoot

izzat said...

yatie.. kalau nak shoting britau la tarikh n tempatnyer k..

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