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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sara goes to the wedding Part 2

Since the wedding was held on Saturday, we decided to go to Kampung Beng (the village I stayed during my one of the modules in DPA-something like homestay). Anyway, my so-called "parents" and "relatives" were ecstatic to see Sara. I felt guilty for not keeping in touch with them more often because they lavished us with soooo many dishes and their great hospitality.

I still remember, the first time I came here, we had to come by boat (actually this village can be reached by land transportation, but the facilitator of DPA course thought it might do us some good to send us by boat :p). According to "abah", this village is popular amongst drama and film producers due to its lush and uninhibited nature.

I'm glad that I got the chance to bring hubby here to show him the place where i had to live for three weeks. I'm also thrilled that hubby and my "family" got along superbly.

I sincerely hope that I will be able to maintain the relationship between us and my "family" over in Kampung Beng because I feel that we can learn so much from mingling with people from all walks of life. I'm glad I had the chance to live a pure village lifestyle and I hope that one day, Sara will be able to experience the same thing. I want my child to learn and love the nature and all its animal (haha, I don't want Sara to be like me - I'm even afraid of ants, let alone cats and basically all types of animals)


Haryana Sidin said...

hahaha..yg tulisan kecik2 tu best la..
sara sara..nnti ciksu ajar suka binatang.
kite pegi zoo..
kite pegi rspca..
kite main2 ngn hijau..

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