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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sara meets Aqil Syahmi

Last Sunday, Sara meets Aqil Syahmi. Aqil Syahmi's mommy is my friend from UTM. We shared good old time stories, but I couldn't get over the fact that her voice has become so "lecture-y" hehe...I'd never thought she would become a lecturer, much less an electronic lecturer huwaa...sgt terer okeh...aku ambik 18 kali pun fail lagi electronic tu rasa

Aqil Syahmi is a very cute and active little boy. He likes babies and asks his mom for a baby to play with hihi...noni...dia nak adik tu...anyway, it was an evening well spent and Sara looks forward to meeting Abang Aqil Syahmi again...


noniey said...

tapi kejap je kan kita jumpa. tak sempat nak bergossip2 lagi. hehehehe.. datang ktn bagitau lah lagi. bleh belanja makan plak kali nih..hehhee

sara kat kuantan lagi ke?

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