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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mommy's hectic schedule

I'm beginning to feel very tired lately. I guess having a baby really does change your life in soooo many ways. Usually, my schedule goes something like this : wake up, go to work, come home, watch tv, go to sleep. I thought it would be good idea to record my daily routine since Sara arrives so here goes :

06.00 am - Sara usually wakes up around this time for feeding.

06.15 am - Put Sara back to bed and take a bath.

06.30 am - Pray and get ready to go to work.

06.55 am - Bring Sara downstairs to change her nappy and clothes (usually hubby will do this..hehe)

07.10 am - Take my breakfast or "tapau" if I don't have the time. (hubby will attend to Sara during this time)

07.20 am - Hang the washed clothes, put Sara's things in the car

07.40 am - Off we go to Sara's babysitter's house. We play and talk a lot in the car.

08.05 am - Arrive at babysitter's house. I'll usually kiss and cuddle Sara for a little while before leaving

08.30 am - Mommy arrives to the office and work until 5.30pm

05.45 pm - Picks up Sara (she's usually asleep when I come to fetch her)

06.30 pm - Arrive home, put Sara in her playgym or let her play with Atuk and Nenek

06.40 pm - Sterilize Sara's bottle, load Sara's clothes in the machine

06.45 pm - Pack Sara's clothes for tomorrow (2 sets of clothes,
baby binder & mittens & booties, 1 towel, milk + bottles and pacifier)

07.15 pm - Bring Sara upstairs, take a shower, perform my prayer and recite a bit of Quran while Sara listens.

08.00 pm - Feed Sara and let her play with Atuk and Nenek or watch TV

08.20 pm - Have dinner and hang Sara's washed clothes. Load our laundry.

09.10 pm - Finally, my time to relax and play with Sara but she's usually a bit drowsy and grumpy around this time.

09.30 pm - Feed Sara and put her to sleep (sometimes she will cry her heart out before finally going to sleep. we had bunch of recording of her crying. soooo cute, the way she pouts and wails..hihi)

12.30 am - Change Sara's diapers, feed her some more and she'll go right back to sleep

03.30 am - Sara will wake up for some more feeding. It is usually around this time she'll want to play before going to sleep. Waaa....Mommy is sooooo sleepy but hearing Sara cute little giggles and her cooing, I'll play along for a little while.

04.00 am - Force Put Sara back to sleep because Mommy is darn sleepy :)

and repeat from top

Seeing my minute-to-minute schedule, I will be amaze if I can find time to cook dinner. Hehe, luckily I'm living with my parents so my mom does all the cooking. Besides, I don't know if I can handle the pressure of cooking for my dad (the worst best food critic in the world. Ha!). To Nenek and Atuk, thanks for being around. Don't know what I'll do without you.

My post feel incomplete without my angel's pics...hehe...this is my favourite pic of Sara. She's asleep while waiting for Mommy and Daddy to get ready to take her out. Check out her oh-so-cute shoe-sock.


yurn said...

wah.. cumilnya kasut sara :).. kemain lg dia..

Nursuhana said...

hihi..cutenyerr..i think this is among the sara's first stuff..that u bought from the internet..i still remember that..when u come to me.."sue ko tgk le website ni..comel gile shoe sock ni..aku dah beli utk baby"..that shoe sock really suit sara..geramnyerr dengan budak debab ni..

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