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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wearing Sara :)

Much has been talked about baby-wearing and I must admit, I was influenced by all that I read about the benefits of babywearing. You can google for the benefits of babywearing but personally for me, the benefits are:
  1. Sara becomes a bit restless if we put too much layer of clothes on her but she gets cold easily so, when I put her in the sling, she will feel the warmth and will immediately calm down.
  2. She still needs me to cuddle her to go to sleep and when I put her in the sling and walk, the sensation of swaying motion will lull her to sleep.
  3. The sling looks so stylish and I've had more than a few people asking me how to get one (err...i dunno whether this falls under the category of benefits, seems more like vain phatmommy...haha)
  4. The sling is sooo convenient, I can even eat sizzling mee and steamboat while carrying Sara.
  5. It helps a lot during Sara was about a month old, when she refuses to be left alone and wanted to be carried around all day. Sara even helps mommy wash the dishes, hang the clothes, tidy up the house...hihi
  6. It can double up as a blanket in the car seat or in the stroller.
  7. But, most importantly, Sara loves it and that alone is all I care about.
All in all, I'd say I have an amazing journey with the baby sling. I know a lot of people think that wearing the sling is quite troublesome but I promise you, once you have the hang of it, it will be no trouble at all. However, having said that, my hubby is still having trouble with the sling. As for where to get the sling, I'd recommend searching for it online. There are a lot of online baby stores offering various choices of baby slings. I bought mine for RM65 from this website (the cheapest one I could find because I wasn't sure I'd be able to fully utilize it) but there are very gorgeous choices out there. You can also try here for beautiful designs.

There is one more alternative to baby sling which is the baby pouch. It is relatively easier to wear as you don't need to adjust the length. But since me and hubby are wayyy different in size, we opt for the sling instead. But I'm still contemplating on buying the pouch especially seeing these pictures.

To dear hubby, if you read this, our baby wanted you to know that she's bored of the turquoise sling she wishes to be carried around in this pouch :)

For those interested, these pouches are from (look for moleygarden hotmama pouch). also offers variety of choices on baby pouch and sling. For those of you who are interested on wearing your baby but don't know how, you can also search on youtube about babywearing. Loads of short clips are available on how to properly wear your baby. As they say, practice makes perfect so be patient if your first baby wearing experience gave you shoulder ache or back ache or if the baby cries. I sometimes even hesitate to put Sara on her stroller, car seat or on the bed watching her cute face sleeping so peacefully in the sling.

Sara @ 1 1/2 month old refusing to be put down so I have to carry her around in the sling :)


LiXa the Mama Alya said...


I notice u babywearer jugak. Dah join malaysianbabywearers blom?

hehehe.. come la join kongsi2 info pasal babywearing.

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