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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sara's little "car"

Remember I mentioned I wanted either Maclaren Techno or Quinny Zapp for Sara's stroller? Hehe, I ended up buying her a Maclaren Quest. We went to OU on Sunday along with Cik Ngah to look for the stroller. We went to EVERY baby shop in OU and as usual, Mommy couldn't resist buying Sara's clothes. Hehe.

Anyway, we went there to compare prices on the Maclaren Techno, but after some demonstration by the sales assistant in one of the shops in OU, we decided that techno is wayyy too big for our compact car. We ALMOST bought the Quinny Zapp with the Maxi Cosi seat (this is after hubby saw a baby sleeping contently in one of those) but I insisted on buying a Maclaren Quest. Sara's almost three months so there would be no problem for her and besides, she's a big baby. Most people thought she was 4 months anyway.

I've done research on the Net on how much this stroller costs and found out that it retails at RM849 at Mothercare, RM809 at and the cheapest is RM764 at After hours of fruitless search, we decided to go to mybbstore in jalan kuchai lama but on our way back to the parking lot, we stumbled across one more baby shop and decided to just ask the price since we saw one on display. And the price for the stroller is only RM679. Can u believe it? That's like THE CHEAPEST MACLAREN QUEST EVER. Hehe, dunno if anybody found one cheaper than that, but I am satisfied with my purchase and so does my little angel. Hehe.


.D d L a L a. said...

Apa nama kedai yang jual murah tu?

~Kat (satu sidang ngan ko)

Haryana Sidin said...

laaa..awat tade gamba sara driving her little 'car'?

pHatMoMMy said...

to kat - kedai tu dekat ngn jusco OU, chicco italy tapi ada jual stroller maclaren, nnti aku post gambar tapi tadi lupa nak caj bateri kamera

Thorrellius said...

Apa nama kedai tuh?

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