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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sara's "Cukur Jambul" Ceremony

On 7th March 2008, my little angel had her "cukur jambul" ceremony at her granny's house in Kuantan. We arrived in Kuantan the night before around 2am and I was afraid Sara would have one of her tantrums during the ceremony. But, lo and behold the most best-behaved baby in the world.....

I feel like shouting and telling all the other babies "Look, this is how you should behave in a kenduri!" Heh. Anyway, the ceremony went on smoothly with a few glitches here and there.

Before the kenduri, I made cupcakes as gifts to all the guests. It wasn't perfect as I had to pipe the icing with my right hand while my left hand is carrying and cuddling Sara.

I promise lots of people photos, so these are few of the photos of my little angel with both sets of the family.

Sara with hubby's family (her great grandparents, Uncle Shazril & baby Elisha)

Sara with Nyai, Mak Ngah & Mak Su

Sara with the youngest granny and aunties... :)

Since I was not able to hold a camera, I had to depend on my SIL to snatch pictures here and there. But, she was under the assumption that Sara was the princess of the day, so we end up with no picture of the actual event. Anyway, during the event, first we had the berzanji and marhaban. Then, I carry Sara on a kain songket to the elderly for them to snip a little hair. I carried her to about ten different people who snip her hair, put salt, sugar and dates to her mouth and kiss her but my perfect little princess didn't cry even once. I was beaming with pride. My child is such a good baby. Heh.

Then, we had the endoi or a ceremony in which we put Sara into a swing. Her swing was bought by my parents-in-law and decorated by her Nyai. My little princess looks so small and scared when I put her in the swing. Heh. The ceremony ended around 11.30am. All in all, the ceremony runs smoothly. However, I do feel a bit pissed because there was no photo of the actual ceremony. Grrrr....

I invited my dear friend and ex-housemate, Wani to the ceremony but she couldn't come in time because of work. However, she did come in the evening. I last met her when I was 4 months pregnant. She looked beautiful and her daughter is adorable. Damia is such a good girl and soft spoken with a big voice. Hehe.

At the end of the day, I felt exhausted but satisfied. It was good to meet friends and family and it was certainly heartwarming and touching to see the ceremony. I feel like my little angel is growing up so rapidly. To Sara, remember that both sets of grandparents worked hard for this ceremony. Everybody loves you very much and Mommy hope that you will be a good daughter, granddaughter and niece.


Haryana Sidin said...

hee..comel pulak sara ni tngkap gamba..
rasenye kena pakai baju girlish2 la..bru nmpak comel..

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