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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sara's Passport

Today, we took Sara on her first outing. My mom and sister took the day off to settle our passport arrangements. Although I am back to my pre pregnancy weight, I still can’t fit into most of my regular clothes. Grrr….Anyway, after checking the immigration website, we decided to go to Metro Kajang. When we arrive, we asked around for the immigration office and were told that they have moved a looonnnggg time ago.

I was enraged. What is the purpose of having an official website when you don’t even update the information in it??? We end up having our lunch and taking our passport photo there. Remember I told you that my Sara is the cutest baby alive? Hee hee, she certainly is but her passport photo begs to differ. Haha…take a look at this pic.


Aunty Piza said...

hehe ni gambar lepas tak kat customs ni? :P

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