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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sara's update...

Eventhough I have just updated Sara's progress a week ago, there have been sooooo many changes in her...I'll try to make a list of all the new things that Sara can do now..

1) She loves sucking her finger

2) She loves riding in the car sleeping away in her car seat

3) She loves sleeping in her baby sling (eventhough I think my frame is too small for her to sleep cormfortably)

4) Her hair grows sooo rapidly (thank god! I got tired of answering my angel is a GIRL...)

5) She can now respond to people calling her name and can babble for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time...

6) She gets mad and WILL POUT if she wakes up and nobody is by her side...(such a spoilt child..huh)

7) If I feed her at twelve midnight before she goes to sleep, she will sleep peacefully until 4am.

8) She loves singing along to "pok amai-amai", Twinkle twinkle little star and play peek-a-boo. Too bad I can never seem to get a perfect picture or video of her chuckling and smiling to all the songs.

9) Sara now weighs 6kg...that is what probably cause me my chronic backpain...


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