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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sara : 15 months

Sara is 15 months! And Mummy is super lazy to update her blog. Hehe. Anyways, Sara now weighs 13kg! And these last two weeks, her toilet training is getting worse. She purposely pee on the carpet because I think she secretly likes watching us fuss over her, our frantic reaction of pulling out her pants and running to the bathroom. But, we are NOT GIVING UP! Hehe, Sara dearie, you can pee anywhere you like BUT NO MORE diapers for you, young lady. Your bum just can't take it. Rashes will start to appear within minutes if you wear diaper.

The cheeky little girl *likes

Its getting really hard to get her to eat dinner nowadays. She will eat her meal obediently during lunch, in fact she always finishes her lunch BUT getting her to eat dinner is a different story altogether. She'll toss and turn, run and hide, anything just to get away with eating. And then, at 9ish pm, she'll do her sweetest smile and pull atuk's hand to the kitchen to find something to eat. Usually popok (keropok), biscuits or chocolates. I don't really mind though, as long as she eats. And the extra sugar during night time doesn't really affect her sleep, so as long as she's happy, that's good enough for me.

As for identification of body parts, she now knows armpit, cheek, neck and knee (in addition to this). And her newest skill is.....role-playing. She loves pretending to be nenek? mommy? a big sister? erkkk.... She has a green bear doll that she carries on her chest, she'll sing the lullaby we usually sing to her, pats the bear slowly like we do when we carry her and tries to put the bear to sleep (just like we usually do!) She even gave her pacifier and milk bottle to her bear!

Is this a sign that she's ready for a brother/sister? Sheessshhhhh, I know I'm NOT! Haha!

P/S : Oh, by the way, if anyone is interested in Sara's *fake* crocband as she wore in pics above, feel free to drop me an email or comment below. We're only selling it for RM20 and we have navy, black and white colour!


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